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1999 Symposium on Low Energy Nuclear Reactions and New Energy

Date: 1999-08-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (2 decades 3 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


Proceedings (Printed in the Journal of New Energy, V4, N2, Fall 1999)

    4 Dr. Harold Aspden, The Energy Messages of Mother Nature
    8 Dr. Robert W. Bass & Dean Zes, The Physical Basis of Zero-Point Energy?
  16 Dr. Tom Bearden, On the Principles of Permissible Over-Unity EM Power Systems
  40 Dr. John M. Bockris, Early Contributions from Workers at Texas A&M University to (So-Called) Low Energy Nuclear Reactions
  70 Dr. Lawrence B. Crowell, Quantum Electrodynamics of Non-Abellian Electrodynamics in a Cavity
  81 Dr. Clarence L. Dulaney, Planck's Constant and the Energy of Radiation
  86 David Faust, Corona Discharge Photography Insights Into Study of Charge Clusters
  87 Toby Grotz, Increased Efficiency Gas Discharge Lighting Circuit
  93 Xing-Liu Jiang, Torsion Field and Tapping the Zero-Point Energy in an Electrochemical System
  96 Shang-Xian JinHal Fox, High-Density Charge Cluster Collective Ion Accelerator
105 Dr. Moray B. King, Transforming the Planet with a Zero-Point Energy Experiment
115 Edwin L. Pangman, The Process of Existence
123 Panos T. Pappas, The Lost Unified Theory
129 Panos T. Pappas, K-Na-K Nuclear Transmutations Inside the Living Cell
136 Edward G. Price, Reaching New Power Density and Efficiency in Magnetic Materials
137 Bill Ramsay, 'New Energy' and Hodowanec's Rhysmonic Cosmology
148 Bill Ramsay, Generic Gravity Wave'Scalar Detector
151 Donald Reed, Torsion Field Research and Implications for New Physics and Energy Technologies
165 Mark McLaughlin for Dohn N. Riley, Alternative Energy Institute, Inc.
168 Dr. Paul E. Rowe, The Rowe Effect and Transmutation
173 Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli, Toups Technology Licensing Announces
181 Dr. Domina Eberle Spencer, The Development of the New Gaussian Equation for the Force Between Moving Charges
196 Dr. Domina Eberle Spencer, The Development of the Universal Time Postulate on the Velocity of Light
210 Dr. Domina Eberle Spencer, Criteria for Electrodynamics in the Next Millennium
215 Dr. Mitchell R. Swartz, Importance of Non-Dimensional Numbers and Optimal Operating Points in Cold Fusion
218 Dr. Mitchell R. Swartz, Generality of Optimal Operating Point Behavior in Low Energy Nuclear Systems
230 Leon Toups, Magnegas Excess Over Chemical Fuel Value
232 Dr. Thomas Valone, Breakthroughs in ZPE and Remaining New Energy Problems
233 Dan Sewell Ward, Inertial Field Theory: A Radical Change of Pace
260 David G. Yurth, Variations on the Maharishi Model: An Integration of Consciousness and the Unified Field