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ExtraOrdinary Technology Conference

Dates: 2012-07-27 - 2012-07-30 9.9 (1 decade 1 year ago)

Where: Albuquerque, NM, United States Venue: Albuquerque Marriott Pyramid North


ENERGY INDEPENDENCE...Vital to A Prosperous Economy! ExtraOrdinary Topics Featured...
  • Tesla Technology
  • Magnetic Motors
  • Zero-Point Energy
  • Energy Saving Devices
  • Cosmic/Radiant Energy
  • Brown's Gas
  • Low Temperature Plasma
  • GEET
  • ElectroGravitation
  • ElectroMedicine
  • Magnetic Healing
Some people believe that this information should be suppressed...

However, TeslaTech will bring this info to YOU!! This year, we are having the hotel and conference under one roof! This will make it easier for attendees to spend most of their time meeting other participants.

Space is limited at the conference. Early preregistration is highly desired. TeslaTech members will receive a preregistration discount only if their expiration date is after August 1, 2010. We encourage you to renew when you preregister. The earlier you preregister, the bigger the discount.

This is YOUR opportunity to MEET the Speakers ... and see WORKING DEVICES DEMONSTRATED. Be there and get to inspect theses devices UP CLOSE and Personal! Then spend the evening discussing it with the inventor... Sign up today... Check website for complete program with hyperlinked abstracts as they become available.

  • Joshua Parker - Decrypting Rife's Disease Fighting Technology
  • Norman Shealy - Tesla Nanotechnology Rejuvenation Of Telomeres 
  • Kenneth Taylor - Bio-Resonance According to Paul Schmidt
  • Moray King - Cavitating Electrolyzers: The Key to "Over Unity"
  • Dr. Konstantin Meyl - TESLATEC or DESERTEC?
  • Dan Davidson - On the Detection of Longitudinal/Scalar Waves
  • Lucian M. Ionescu - Tesla waves, Biofields and Aetheric energy
  • Bruce Perreault - Radiant Energy Technology
  • Chuck Reithmeyer - Practical Rodin Coil Generator Application
  • Marko Rodin - The Dandelion Puff Principle on Steroids
  • Harvey Fiala - Inertial Propulsion Breakthrough
  • Suzanne Price - Qualar Physics: Wave of the Future
  • Sterling Allan - Top 5 Exotic Free Energy Technologies