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Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory - 2011

Dates: 2011-07-04 - 2011-07-07 9.9 (8 years 10 months ago)

Where: Moscow, Russia Venue:


There is to be a conference on  Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory in the  Bauman 
Moscow State Technical University between Monday 4th July to  Thursday 7. The objectives of this conference are the same as those pursued in the  Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory (PIRT)  conferences which have been held in Imperial College, London, every two years since 1988. 

These objectives are:

?? to explore the chief characteristics  ? including the advantages of the various physical, geometrical, and mathematical interpretations of the formal structure of Relativity Theory, and to examine the questions concerning the various interpretations of the accepted mathematical expression of the Relativity Principle.  Critical review of the conceptual apparatus and the statements of the Relativity Principle is invited provided it is rational and scientific.  The conference seeks to review subjects relevant to the solution of physical, mathematical-physical and technical problems.    Relativity permeates the physical sciences to the same extent that Evolutionary Theory permeates the biological sciences and therefore papers reviewing the links between Relativity and other major departments of physical science are within the scope of the conference.  It is intended to inter-relate several fields of research and to promote understanding between different schools of thought engaged in studying Relativity??

The Conference Program of the Firth Moscow PIRT will include papers dealing with the following 
major themes:
  • Cosmology, Gravitation and Space-Time Structure.
  • Time, Reference Frames and the Fundamentals of Relativity.
  • Experimental Aspects of Relativity.
  • Formal Structures and Physical Interpretations of Relativity Theory.
  • Nature and Models of the Physical Vacuum.
  • Finsler Generalizations of the Relativity Theory.
  • Information Theoretical Aspects of Space-Time Structure.
  • The Poincare-Lorentz and the Einstein-Minkowski expositions of the Relativity Principle.
  • Analogues of Relativity and Quantum Mechanics. 
  • Historical and Philosophical Aspects of Relativity.   
  • This is not an exhaustive list, and colleagues wishing to submit papers dealing with different subjects 
  • should send an outline of their proposed presentation to the organizers of the Moscow conference.