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Charles William Lucas
Combinatorial Geometry Packing of Electrons in the Structure of the Atom

Date: 2011-07-09 Time: 09:00 - 17:00 9.9 (1 decade 4 months ago)

Where: College Park, MD, United States Venue: Stamp Student Union


Plato and other ancient Greeks believed that geometry was the key to all knowledge in natural philosophy. In the 1940?s a structural reformation was begun by European natural philosophers in reaction to the point-particle approach of quantum mechanics, relativity theory, Maxwell?s electrodynamics, and Newton?s laws of mechanics and gravity. A demonstration of some of the key magnetic constraints of combinatorial geometry will be presented that forms the foundation for a new theory of finite-size elastic elementary particles and the nuclei, atoms and molecules formed from these particles. This work won the Grand Prize at the regional high school science fair for the University of Maryland area known as the Prince George?s Area Science Fair and a grand prize at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada in 1995.