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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1993-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (2 decades 7 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Murray Bast, Nature's Most Nearly Unperfect Food (1993) S13b
  • Dr. Patricia Bell, A Joyful Approach to Life Will Develop Mankind's Personality for a New World (1993 IAPR) T7a
  • Mark Benza, Introduction to the Future of Molecular Electronics and Nanotechnology (1993) S7a
  • Robert Beutlich, Triune Combinations of Time, Electric, Magnetic, & Gravity Fields in an 8 x 8 Matrix, W(1993) S20ab
  • Robert Beutlich, From Metaphysics to Physics "2001" (1993 IAPR) T6a
  • Eldon Byrd, Scientific Evidence for the Existence and Effects of Qi-Gong (1993 IAPR) T7b
  • Eldon Byrd, Hello, Dolphins, Part II: How Dolphins May Communicate Using Subtle Energy, (1993) S11b
  • Beverly Coleman, Rhythm Without Blues (1993) S1a
  • Dan Davidson, Gravity Field Sensor Experiments, (1993) S9a
  • Vladim?r Dolezal, Causes of Bio-indication & Their Possible Effect on the Human Organism; Collective Pendulum Experiments (w/ B. Krcmar), (1993 IAPR) T10a
  • Vladim?r Dolezal, Paracausal Factors in the Origination of Disastrous Situations (w/ J. Storek) (1993 IAPR) T2b
  • Yvonne Duplessis, The Dermo-Optical Perception of Colors and The Effect of Intervention, (1993) S10a
  • Yvonne Duplessis, Dermo-optics, Yesterday and Today (1993 IAPR) T6b
  • Laura Faith, Observations of Parapsychology and Psychotronic Research in the Former U.S.S.R. (1993) S3b
  • Jon C. Fox, Inert Gas Devices (1993) S7b
  • Robert Fridenstine, The Real Culprit Behind Health Issues With Radiation, EM Fields, & Earth Energies (1993) S16ab
  • Alejandro Silva Garland, Preliminary Studies for the Development of the "Psychic Monitor" and the Resister of the Subconscious Temporal Displacement Effect (1993 IAPR) T5b
  • V. Gorodskaya, Biotone-Center of Health as an Example of the Organization of Biotherapy in Russia, (1993 IAPR) T11b
  • T. Gulnara, Biotherapy from the Point of View of Official Medicine (1993 IAPR) T12a
  • Steven Halpern, The Role of Music in Transformation (1993) S6ab
  • Sarah Hieronymus, Geriatrics and Radionics (1993) S4b
  • Barbara Ivanova, Warning Messages in Dreams and Psychograms (and M. Radimcova) (1993 IAPR) T14a
  • Dalibor Karasek, A Comparison of the Bio-locative Method of the Origin of Anomalous Geodynamic Processes in Bituminous Coal Mines with Results of Geophysical Measuring "On Site", (1993 IAPR) T10b
  • I. A. Khan, Biotherapy in the Traditions of Kazakhstan and Mongolia, Past and Present (1993 IAPR) T12b
  • I. K. Khantseverov, Psychotronics in the System of Sciences (1993 IAPR) T5a
  • Moray B. King, Fundamentals of Zero-Point Energy Technology, (1993) S11a
  • Leonard W. Konikiewicz, PhD Bioenergy, A New Diagnostic and Healing Frontier (1993 IAPR) T14b
  • Dr. Bretislav Krcm?r, Causes of Bio-indication & Their Possible Effect on the Human Organism; Collective Pendulum Experiments (w/ V. Dolezal), (1993 IAPR) T10a
  • Paul Laffolley, Dimensionality (1993) S5b
  • Lutie Larsen, Restoring Subtle Energy Fields Integrity of Our Seeds and Soils (1993) S15a
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, Naturally Occurring Time Chambers (1993) S17a
  • Andrew Michrowski, Vacuum Energy Developments, (1993) S9b
  • Henry Monteith, The Dual Nature of Free Energy Systems (1993) S8a
  • Peter Moscow, Three (Sick) Cats from Carolina and a Kentucky Greyhound (1993) S4a
  • Toshiya Nakaoka, Psychotronics in the Orient (1993 IAPR) T3a
  • Father Anselm Ober, Science & Spirit (1993) S1b
  • Ivan Ploc, Hypnosis: Spiritual Experience and Mystical Experience (1993) S5a Positive Thinking and Health (1993 IAPR) T3b
  • Valentina Ponomaryova, Alternative Medicine in Russia (1993) T15a
  • M. Radimcov?, I Must Be Eager to Help and Have Confidence in Myself (and B. Ivanova) (1993 IAPR) T14a
  • Glen Rein, Healing Energy & DNA; A Novel Mechanism for the Spiritual Transformation of the Body (1993) S8b
  • Zdenek Rejd?k, Keynote Address: Psychotronics and Man's Integrity (1993) S15b
  • Zdenek Rejd?k, Pavlita and His "Generators" (1993) S21a
  • Zdenek Rejd?k, 20 Years of the Concept of Psychotronics (1993 IAPR) T1b
  • Zdenek Rejd?k, Psychotronics and the Spiritual Sphere: Ecology from the Other End (1993 IAPR) T2a
  • Zdenek Rejd?k, The Existence of the Soul: A Bridge Between Religion and Science (1993 IAPR) T8a
  • Jay Remer, Radionics and Holistic Animal Care (1993) S13a
  • Marko Rodin, The Dandelion Puff Principle; Point Energy Creation Physics! (1993) S17b
  • Beverly Rubik, Bio-photon Emission: "Junk" Energy or Electromagnetic Bio-Information?, (1993) S10b
  • Andrej S?ndor, The Influence of Geoactive Areas on the Work Activity of Man; Shielding and Elimination of Negative Effects in the Environment, (1993) S18ab
  • Andrej S?ndor, Screening of the Geoactive Zones (1993 IAPR) T8b
  • J. Schrotter, The Effect of Geopathic Zones on the Safety of Rail Transport, (1993 IAPR) T11a
  • Edwin Skilling, Bucking the Tide: The design, construction and marketing of electronic psychotronic instruments (1993) S28abc
  • Josef Storek, Paracausal Factors in the Origination of Disastrous Situations (w/ V. Dolezal) (1993 IAPR) T2b
  • A. V. Svirodov, Man & Medicine, (1993 IAPR) T15a
  • Dr. Roger Taylor, Recent Developments in Crop Circles (1993) S3a
  • Mark Trela, Bio-Dynamics, the Spiritual Agriculture System (1993) S14b
  • P. Valentino, Alternative Medicine in Russia, and A. V. Svirodov, Man & Medicine (1993 IAPR) T15a
  • Thomas Valone, An Introduction to Analytical Psychology - W (1993) label= T23, (S23)
  • Charles Walters, Psychotronics vs. "Junk" Science (1993) S14a
  • Jim Windsor, The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection (1993) S2a
  • Joan Windsor, Intuitive Diagnosis: Medical Healing of the Future (1993) S2b

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