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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1992-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (3 decades 5 months ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Cleve Backster, Interconnecting Bio-communications in the GAIA Effect (1992) R1a
  • Rozanne Bazinet, The Power of Mind: Creating State Changes in Critical Incidences (1992) R14b
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Phase Conjugation in Psychotronics (w/ Henry Monteith) (1992) R13ab
  • Mark Benza, Bio-sensor Detection of the Exogenous Non-Linear Energies (ENE) or the Human Aura (1992) R4b
  • Eldon Byrd, Dolphins & Children, ELF Communications (1992) R3b
  • Phillip Callahan, Keynote Address:, The Beginning of a New Awakening (1992) R26a
  • Phillip Callahan, Round Towers of Ireland and Natural ELF (1992) R5ab
  • Beverly Coleman, Energy Healing: An Overview of Sound, Light and Flower Therapies (1992) R25ab
  • Peter A. Crist, Orgone Biophysics; An Introduction to Orgonomy (1992) R4a
  • Laverne Denyer, Regression Therapy May Reshape Your Life (1992) R2a
  • Bruce Forrester, aka Klark Kent Suppressed Technology (1992) R7a
  • Bernd Friedlander, Clinical Applications of Scalar Electromagnetics (1992) R8a
  • Toby Grotz, Mirror Image Symmetry in Coil Winding: A New Application for Both the Hard and Soft Sciences (1992) R9b
  • Toby Grotz, Hydrogen Production with Dual Control and W. Russell's Optical Dynamo Generator: Over Unity (1992) R12a
  • Mary Hardy, The American Indian Mystery School (1992) P4b
  • Mary Hardy, Energy Healing: An Overview of the Laws of Psychotronics and Homeopathics (1992) R2b
  • Larry Hecht, Synthetic Geometry and a Mondo Logic Universe (1992) R10ab
  • Barbara Hero, A Rosetta Stone for Everyone: The Theory of Relationships (1992) R6a
  • Moray B. King, Progress in Zero-Point Energy (1992) R11a
  • Lutie Larsen, Radionic Applications in Sustainable Agriculture (1992) R11b
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, Beyond the Electromagnetic Paradigm (1992) R1b
  • Andrew Michrowski, DARZON Flat Antenna Nullifies Geopathic and Magnetic Zones (1992) R9a
  • Henry Monteith, Phase Conjugation in Psychotronics (w/ Tom Bearden) (1992) R13ab
  • Don Paris, Mirror Talk, Reverse Speech Technology (1992) R3a
  • Glen Rein, Consciousness and Its Transformation with Subtle Energy (1992) R7b
  • Andrej S?ndor, Application of Bio-Energification Methods in Agriculture and Nourishment Complexes (1992) R6b
  • Carl Schleicher, Psychotronic Innovative Technologies (1992) R12b
  • Vince Wiberg (D), Externalizing the New Awakening (1992) R15a
  • William Sweet, Spindrift's Qualitative Thought and Its Link With A Universal Ordering Force (1992) R14a
  • Thomas Valone, The History of Non-Conventional Energy (1992) R8b

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