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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1991-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (2 decades 8 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Arden Anderson, Paradigms in Agriculture (1991) Q5b
  • Cleve Backster, Quantum Implications in Bio-Communications (1991) Q11b
  • Harvey Bank, Selective Destruction of Bacteria in Cancer Cells Using Rife Technology (1991) Q12b
  • Robert Beutlich, The Whole Ten Yards: A Quantum Leap and Initiation (1991) Q19ab
  • Alfred Bielek, From Philadelphia to Phoenix: The Psychotronic Connection (1991) Q6a
  • Jorge Calderon, Natural Eye Vision (1991) Q13b
  • Sherry Edwards, Bridging the Gap Between Psychic and Science: A Unified Field Paradigm (1991) Q2a
  • Paul Esch, Energy Rebalancing Therapy (1991) Q4b
  • Mary Hardy, Medicine Wheels and Cloudbusters to Balance the Grid System (1991) Q3b
  • Sarah Hieronymus, Proof of Homeopathy (A Video-Microscope Demo) (1991) Q5a
  • Ellen Kamhi, Darkfield Microscope Reveals Radionic Results on Blood-borne Parasitic Organisms (1991) Q12a
  • Moray B. King, Macroscopic Pair Production (1991) Q7b
  • Andrew Michrowski, Behavior of Scalar Electromagnetics in Aerials (1991) Q7a
  • Henry Monteith, The Visible Atom (1991) Q8a
  • David Mum, Scientific Research Base for Mind-Body Unity and Healing (1991) Q10b
  • Preston Nichols, Psychotronic Technology of the Phoenix Project at Montauk (1991) Q6b
  • Brian O'Leary, The Need for a New Science (1991) Q13a
  • Glen Rein, Psychoenergetic Mechanism of Healing: The Role of Non-Hertzian Fields and Consciousness (1991) Q11a
  • Theodore Rockwell, Scientific Qi-Gong: Externalizing the Body's Energy (1991) Q8b
  • Beverly Rubik, Biogravity Phenomena in Soviet Healers and Extrasensorics (1991) Q1b
  • Andrej S?ndor, Screening of Geopathic Zones (1991) Q2b
  • Carl Schleicher, Solar Quest and Its Goals (1991) Q10a
  • Dennis Stillings, Catching Up with the Past: The Future of Electromedicine (1991) Q1a
  • Vince Wiberg, Exploring Your Esoteric Fields (1991) Q3a
  • Dan Winter, Is Attention Itself a Fractal? (Set of two Audio Tapes (1991) Q9abc
  • V. Vernon Woolf, Keynote Address, : The Quantum Leap to Tomorrow (1991) Q14a
  • V. Vernon Woolf, Potentializing the Planet (1991) Q14b
  • Lloyd Youngblood, Dowsing and the UFO Enigma (1991) Q4a

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