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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1990-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (3 decades 2 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Arden Anderson, The 1990s: The Blooming of a Sustainable "Green Revolution" (1990) P15a
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Action at a Distance: The Fundamental Mechanism of Radionics (1990) P14ab
  • Alfred Bielek, The Philadelphia Experiment (1990) P3ab
  • Christopher Bird, The New Biology of Gaston Naessons (1990) P13ab
  • Eldon Byrd, The De la Warr Camera: Theory of Operation, History and Implications (1990) P9b
  • Dan Carlson, Sound Harvest: Music and Management of the Soil (1990) P12b
  • Beverly Coleman, The Spiritual Farmer (1990) P1abc
  • Sherry Edwards, Research Indicates Scientific Support of Astrology (1990) P6b
  • Paul Esch, New Earth Designs (1990) P6a
  • Frances K. Farrelly, Is Seeing Believing? The Ruth Drown Camera (1990) P11a
  • Jerry Fridenstine, Cellular Communication and You (1990) P11b
  • Sarah Hieronymus, Evolution and Involution in Agriculture (1990) P15b
  • Moray B. King, Novel Zero-point Energy Devices (1990) P5b
  • Hugh Lovel, Agriculture from a Holistic Point of View (1990) P16a
  • Andrew Michrowski, (P.A.C.E.) The Synthesis of Man and the Planet (1990) P16b
  • Justin O'Brian, Mind Your Matter: Toward a Psychotronic Vision for the Future (1990) P17ab
  • Andrija Puharich, Unification of the Four Forces of Nature with the Mind: Theory and Experiment (1990) P19abc
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Problems and Solutions to the Global Environmental Crises (1990) P2b
  • Glen Rein, Cleaning up the Planet: Transmutation of Radioactive Waste (1990) P10b
  • Andrej S?ndor, Bio-energofication: Application of Psychotronics to the National Economy (1990) P12a
  • Dennis Stillings, Cyberbiology: Individual and Planetary Health for the 21st Century (1990) P2a
  • William Sweet, Spooky Action At A Distance (1990) P4a
  • Thomas Valone, Powerline Radiation and Your Health (1990) P5a
  • Marcel Vogel, The Magnetic Component of Radionic Measurements: Radionics as a Radiation Transfer Method (1990) P7ab
  • William L. Van Bise, Magnetic and EM Earth Fields and Their Relationship to LIFE (1990) P9a
  • Vince Wiberg, Geopathic Zone Detection and Prevention: How to Avoid the Ills of the Present-day Environment (1990) P18ab
  • John Zimmerman, Novel Theory of How DNA Expression is Controlled by Electromagnetic Fields (1990) P10a

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