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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1989-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (3 decades 3 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Alexia Anderson, Directing Real Energy for Real Results (1989) N13a
  • Cleve Backster, Biocommunications Capability at a Distance Between Human Donors and In Vitro Oral Leukocytes (1989) N15b
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Update on Scalar Electromagnetics: New Breakthroughs (1989) N17ab
  • Larry Buch?, Use and Techniques of Frequency Generators (1989) N25ab
  • Eldon Byrd, Review and Update of the Psychoactivity of Extremely Low Frequency Electromagnetic and Scalar Fields (1989) N16a
  • Dan Carlson, Sonic Bloom and Sonic Doom (1989) N15a
  • Steven P. Deryke , Science and the Mission of the John E. Fetzer Foundation (1989) N7a
  • Ross Dunseath, Psychokinesis and Synchronicity (w/ Shelley Thomson) (1989) N19a
  • Sherry Edwards, Psychic Isn't Psychic Anymore (1989) N5a
  • Frances K. Farrelly, Common Denominator of Dowsing & Radionics. (1989) N9b
  • David L. Faust, Kirlian Photography: A Look Back and a Look Forward at a Unique Scientific Tool (1989) N18b
  • Robert Foulkrod, Inner Consciousness - Part II (1989) N27ab
  • Keith A. Fredericks, The Photographic Detection of Tachyons in Human Body Radiation (1989) N16b
  • Teddy A. Gagnon, Biological Significance of Water Structured with Non-Hertzian Waves (w/ Glen Rein) (1989) N7b
  • Toby Grotz, The Influence of Vedic Philosophy on Nikola Tesla's Understanding of Free Energy (1989) N12a
  • Barbara Hero, The Physical, Emotional, and Mental Effects of Pure Sine-Wave Sound and Possible Applications to Room Dimensions (1989) N5b
  • Jack Houck, Remote Viewing and Psychokinesis Research (Workshop) (1989) N4abc
  • Moray B. King, Electrolytic Fusion: A Zero-Point Energy Coherence? (1989) N8a
  • Sarah Hieronymus, The Modern Energies Controversy (1989) N11a
  • Jonathan Klimo, Overcoming Cosmological Dissociation (1989) N11b
  • Paul Laffolley, Elements of the Time Machine: Homage to H. G. Wells (1989) N6a
  • Lutie Larsen, The Reality of Subtle Energy (1989) N26a
  • Samuel Lentine, The Dynamics of Trauma: Mechanisms of Action (1989) N3b
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, Reactions to Sightings of "UFO Lights" and Associated ESP/PK Phenomena in a "UFO Flap" Area (1989) N19b
  • Henry Monteith, The Quaternion Mystery (1989) N13b 
  • Henry Monteith, Dynamic Gravity & Electromagnetic Processes, Part 3. (1989) N20a
  • Gregory C. Morgan, Multidimensional Technologies for Mind/Body Integration and Energetic Health (1989) N10ab
  • Peter Moscow, Radionics as a Complementary Management Tool in a Case of Inoperable Low-Grade Astrocytoma Affecting a 30-Year-Old Woman (1989) N10cd
  • Charles Muses, Keynote Address, : The Resonant Universe: Time Waves. (Read by Dennis Stillings) (1989) N9a
  • Father Anselm Ober, Esoteric Aspects of Tuned Electronics (1989) N18a
  • Father Anselm Ober, Directed Visualization Techniques (1989) N26b
  • Glen Rein, Biological Significance of Water Structured with Non-Hertzian Waves (w/ Teddy A. Gagnon) (1989) N7b
  • Theodore Rockwell, How Should Science Handle the "Unbelievable"? (1989) N2b
  • Dennis Stillings, Images of the Invisible (1989) N2a
  • Lynn Surgalla, Magnetohydrodynamic Effects in Biological Systems (1989) N3a
  • William Sweet, Cards, Dice, and Defense Mechanisms (1989) N12b
  • Shelley Thomson, Psychokinesis and Synchronicity (w/ Ross Dunseath) (1989) N19a
  • Marcel Vogel, The Modification of Fluidic Materials by Means of Crystal Technology (1989) N8b
  • V. Vernon Woolf, The Quantum Mind and the Order of Chaos (1989) N6b
  • V. Vernon Woolf, It's Turtles All the Way Down (1989) N21ab

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