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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1988-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (3 decades 4 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Phyllis M.H. Attwater, Coming Back To Life (1988) M15ab
  • Thomas E. Bearden, Maxwell's EM Quaternion Was a Unified Theory of EM/Gravity (1988) M25ab
  • Eldon Byrd, Scalars (1988) M10a
  • Beverly Coleman, Our Radiant Reality (1988) M29abc
  • Ursula Dinshah, Color Healing (1988) M11b
  • Chris Duffield, Crystal Transducers, Vortex Antennas, Bio-effects (1988) M30b
  • Sherry Edwards, Sound Therapy (1988) M16a
  • Paul Esch, Psychic Dentistry Through Music (1988) M23b
  • Dorothy Espiau, Circles of Life (for Rapid Personal Transformation) (w/ David Mum) (1988) M31ab
  • James Everett, Electro-medicine Combined with Kinesiology (1988) M13a
  • Robert Foulkrod, Edgar Cayce Device To See Auras (1988) M18a
  • Jerry Fridenstine, Ag-tronic Solutions for Our Polluted Planet (1988) M26ab
  • Mary Hardy, The Truth About Pyramids - The Secret Antenna System that Energizes Earth (1988) M28a
  • Mary Hardy, Use of Reagents and Crystals to Enhance Psychotronics Instruments (1988) M30a
  • Barbara Hero, Music From The Grand Gallery (1988) M16b
  • Valerie Hunt, Scientific Validation of Human EM Fields (1988) M24ab 
  • Valerie Hunt, Mind Field: The Mystical Experience (1988) M12b
  • Klark Kent, Flying Saucer Motor Demonstration (1988) M33ab
  • Klark Kent, Flying Saucer Motor Technology (1988) M7a
  • Moray B. King, Demonstrating a Zero-point Coherence (1988) M10b
  • Paul Laffolley, Bioergonenervarethana: To Energy of Life With Energy of Death (1988) M15c
  • Lutie Larsen, Sequential Custom Program for Balancing Subtle Energy Fields (1988) M26c
  • Duncan Laurie, Report on the Betar/cotyledon and Applications (1988) M3b
  • Samuel Lentine(D), Design of Anti-allergens (1988) M23a
  • Samuel Lentine(D), The Brain Tuner - The Dynamics of Psycho-chemical Response (1988) M3a
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, UFOs, Action, and Energy (1988) M6b
  • Daniel Miller, Quontic Psychology: The Egg of Consciousness (1988) M12a
  • Henry Monteith, Gravity and Electromagnetics II (1988) M11a
  • Gregory C. Morgan, Latest Developments in Se-5 Biofield Spectrum and Research (1988) M27a,b
  • Michael Morgan, Technical Data From Non-euclidean Space (1988) M9abc
  • David Mum, Circles of Life (for Rapid Personal Transformation) (w/ Dorothy Espiau) (1988) M31ab
  • Preston Nichols, The Design and Construction Philosophy Behind a Hyper-spatial Transmitter (1988) M17ab
  • Preston Nichols, Update on Theory and Technology (1988) M4ab
  • Father Anselm Ober, The Electropsychometer Development (1988) M2ab
  • Alexia Paris, Early Egyptian Bio-energy Teachings (1988) M28b
  • Andrija Puharich, The Search for the Massless Scalar; Experiment and Theory (1988) M5abc
  • Glen Rein, Psychobiological Mechanisms for Subtle Energies (1988) M20b
  • Edwin Skilling, Demo of Dielectric Energy in Healing (1988) M13b
  • Jeff Smith, Bioenergetics of the American Environment - A Call for Research and Observation on Future (1988) M8ab
  • Dennis Stillings, Historical Background of a Bio-energy Field (1988) M1a
  • Lynn Surgalla, Molecular Mechanisms of Electromagnetic Medicine (1988) M2Oa 
  • Nell Thompson, Listening and Speaking (1988) M18b
  • Thomas Valone, Psychotronics Today - My Perspective (1988) M1b
  • James Verdier, Communication for Subawareness Sources for Physical Theories and Some of the Results (1988) M6a
  • Win Wenger, Creating Original Inventions in Tesla's Mode (1988) M32b
  • Win Wenger, How To Experience Yourself - Life Energy as a Tangible Force (1988) M7b
  • Vince Wiberg, Bio-fields Measurement (1988) M22a,b
  • John Zimmerman, First Observations of Weak Magnetic Fields/Laying on of Hands (1988) M21ab
  • Marcel Vogel, The Structuring of Water by Crystals: Theory and Mechanism of a Formation of Metaphase Systems in Water by Spinning Around a Tuned Crystal (1988) M14ab,c

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