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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1987-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (3 decades 5 years ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Murray Bast, Cellular Level Consciousness (1987) L26ab
  • Thomas E. Bearden, AIDS, Urgent Comments on Mankind's Threat (read by Henry Monteith) (1987) L25a
  • Tom Brown, Research into the Borderlands (1987) L6b
  • F. Butler, The Potentials of Homeopathy (w/ Karen Lee) (1987) L17a
  • Eldon Byrd, Why Living Cells Respond to ELF and EM Signals (1987) L13a
  • Dan Carlson, Feeding the World (1987) L27b
  • Diane Cirillo, Creating the Human Crystalline Structure (1987) L3a
  • Beverly Coleman, Therapeutic Touch (1987) L2a
  • Beverly Coleman, Dodecahedral Chamber; 12 Faces, 7 Shapes, 7 Colors, 7 Notes, and Graphics for Balancing the Human Instrument (1987) L33ab
  • Eric Dollard, Dimensional Representations of Electrical Waves (1987) L22ab
  • Elaine Finster, Color Alchemy (1987) L1b
  • Robert Foulkrod, Tapping the Inner Consciousness (1987) L10a
  • Robert Foulkrod, Live Experiment - Discovering Your Own Keynote and Attuning the Chakras (w/ Barbara Hero) (1987) L4ab
  • Jerry Fridenstine, Dust of the Earth (1987) L27a
  • Robert Golka, 105kw Tesla Coil for Long Arc Simulated Lighting (1987) L24ab
  • Toby Grotz, Non-Hertzian Waves, True Meaning of Their Usage in the Wireless Transmission of Electrical Power (1987) L23a
  • Bob Gulich, Mind and Matter, A Sacred Geometry - The Principle for Design of Worlds (1987) L3b
  • Dean Hardy, The Earth as an Electrical Generator (w/ Ken Killick) (1987) L15a
  • Mary Hardy, Water - The Elixir of Life; Victor Schauberger's Theories on Living and Polluted Water (1987) L7a
  • Ron Harrison, The SE-5; and Computerized Radionics (1987) L28b
  • Barbara Hero, Live Experiment - Discovering Your Own Keynote and Attuning the Chakras (w/ Robert Foulkrod) (1987) L4ab
  • Harry Hershey, Oral Chelation and Renewed Health (1987) L8b
  • Valerie Hunt, Emotional Selectivity of Biofeedback Transactions (1987) L16a
  • Ann Johnson, Radiation and You - Detection, Identification, and Decontamination (w/ Dr. J. Kang) - Parts 1 & 2 (1987) L9abcd
  • Kathleen Joyce, Correlation Between Radionics, Numerology and Gematra (1987) L32a
  • Dr. J. Kang, Radiation and You - Detection, Identification, and Decontamination (w/ Ann Johnson) - Parts 1 & 2 (1987) L9abcd
  • Klark Kent, Flying Saucer Slide Show (1987) L6a
  • Ken Killick, The Essential Electrical Connection (1987) L21a
  • Ken Killick, The Earth as an Electrical Generator (w/ Dean Hardy) (1987) L15a
  • Moray B. King, How to Intuitively Understand the Fourth Dimension (1987) L11b
  • Moray B. King, The Hyperspace Workshop (1987) L20b
  • Duncan Laurie, Virtual State Art? The World of Psychotronics (1987) L16b
  • Karen Lee, The Potentials of Homeopathy (w/ F. Butler) (1987) L17a
  • Dr. D. Leudtke, Consciousness of Matter-Intermatter Communications and Ether Research (1987) L17b
  • Peter Lindemann, Alchemy, The Lost Art of Consciousness (1987) L12b
  • Eugenia Macer-Story, UFO's and Concepts of Causality (1987) L8a
  • Daniel Miller, Synchronicity, Feedback and Consciousness (1987) L12a
  • John Mitchell, Sacred Geometry and Number Symbolism in Ancient Cosmology (1987) L5ab
  • Henry Monteith, Dynamic Gravity and Electromagnetic Processes (1987) L20a
  • Preston Nichols, Ancient to Modern Detectors and How They Interface with Scalar Waves (1987) L14ab
  • Andrija Puharich, What Is Coming, and What We Can Do About It (1987) L19a,b
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, Consciousness; Quantum Measure as a Medium for a New Formalism (Read by Harold Tracy) (1987) L11a
  • Edwin Skilling, Updated Version of the Oscilloclast (1987) L18a
  • Edwin Skilling, A New TENS Unit - the SR-5 (1987) L28a
  • Julius Soled, Color and Your Health (1987) L1a
  • Lynn Surgalla, Controlling Bioenergy Fields Through Applied Biochemistry (w/ Tom Valone) (1987) L39a 
  • Lynn Surgalla, How Mind Forms Matter from the Fundamental Field (1987) L10b
  • Phil Thomas, The Edgar Cayce Radial and Wet Cell Appliances (1987) L15b
  • Nell Thompson, How to Read the Aura (1987) L36a
  • Thomas Valone, Controlling Bioenergy Fields Through Applied Biochemistry (w/ Lynn Surgalla) (1987) L39a
  • Thomas Valone, Physics and Consciousness (1987) L31a
  • Marcel Vogel, The Structuring of Water (1987) L29a,b
  • Sue Wallace, Magnets and Health (1987) L32b
  • Vince Wiberg, (D) Tachyons in a Geopathic Zone, Part 1 (1987) L7b, Part 2 L7c,d
  • Dan Winter, Shape and Significance of Genetic Material as a Wave Path for Frequency Signature (1987) L2b
  • Dan Winter, An Introduction to Frequency Signature Identity of Cell Metabolism, Emotion and Language (1987) L30a,b

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