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United States Psychotronic s Association Conference

Date: 1982-07-01 Time: 00:00 9.9 (4 decades 1 year ago)

Where: United States Venue:


  • Thomas E. Bearden, Toward a New Electromagnetics (Tesla Waves) (1982) F16
  • Robert C. Beck, Recent Developments in ELF, Consciousness, Psychotronics and Energy Systems (1982) F21
  • Wiley Brooks, Breatharism (How to Live on Air Only) (1982) F26
  • Riley Crabb, History of Radionics (1982) F13a
  • E. James Faubel, Subtle Energy, Challenge for Research: and, The Digitron (1982) F11b
  • Elaine Finster, Healing and Color (1982) F19
  • Gary Fleck, Crystals for Healing (1982) F18b
  • Jerry Fridenstine (D), Psychotronics; Natural Farm Rescue (1982) F24
  • Dan Fry, The Many Varieties of Energy (1982) F9a
  • Jerry G. Gallimore, Selection and Use of Crystals, Talismans and Healing (1982) F18a
  • Toby Grotz, Pre-Atlantean UFO Sites in the West (1982) F9b
  • Toby Grotz, Auric Experiments and Pulsing Magnetic Fields (1982) F15b
  • W.L. Haberthier, Bio-Micro-Energetics: An Ultra-Fine Therapy (1982) F3a
  • Ruth Harvey, Electrotherapeutics: Wave Forms of the Present (1982) F2a
  • Michael Heleus, Astrosonics (1982) F11a
  • Barbara Hero, Laws of Sound: Lambdoma (Physics, Gravity) (1982) F16b
  • Sarah Hieronymus, Laboratory Techniques with Subtle Energies (1982) F14b
  • T. Galen Hieronymus, Future of Healing Arts (1982) F14a
  • W. Hoffman, Radionics, Patterns and Homeopathic Practices (1982) F17a
  • Ann Johnson, Possessions: Alien and Spirit (1982) F27
  • Kathleen Joyce, Radionics and Other Technologies in Agriculture (1982) F13b
  • Peter Kelly, Threshold +1; and New Radionic Designs (1982) F8b
  • Ivan Kruglak, Programmable Strobe: Can It Induce Altered States? (1982) F1a
  • Lutie Larsen, Homestead Radionics (1982) F25
  • Samuel Lentine, Functional PSI Design of Anti-Tumor Reagents (1982) F5ab
  • Louis Leonardi, The New Physiology of Subtle Body Energies (1982) F15a
  • Henry Nagorka, Systemology: New Paradigm - Psychotronics and Conventional Science (1982) F1b
  • Joan Orion, HSP/Biofeedback to Monitor Psychotronics (1982) F3b
  • E. W. Plettner, III, Homeopathy and Patterns of Health (1982) F20
  • Andrija Puharich, Chemical Compounds: Receptors of Artificial ELF (1982) F6
  • Andrija Puharich, Keynote Speaker:, Kindling +1; Awards Banquet (1982) F7
  • Elizabeth Rauscher, ELF Radiation and Non-Linear Coherent Phenomena (1982) F4
  • Betty Reeves, UFO's Past and Present (UFO Contacts of a Third Kind) (1982) F10b
  • David Rhoads, Opening Remarks by President of USPA; Welcome (1982) F8a
  • J. Rollins, , et al. Phiso-Energy and Mechanics (1982) F17b
  • R. Leo Sprinkle, Patterns of UFO Reports (1982) F10a
  • Erwin (Red) Stark, Psychotronics and Perception Mechanics (1982) F12a
  • William L. Van Bise, Measurement of ELF Signals (Lecture and Demo) (1982) F22
  • William L. Van Bise, Psychotronic Liquid Sensors (Lecture and Demo) (1982) F23
  • Sue Wallace, Magnetism, Kinetics, and Body Harmony (1982) F2b
  • David Wilcox, UFO's, Do You Believe? (1982) F12b

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