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John Bedini
Renaissance CDA Workshop Conference

Dates: 2010-11-13 - 2010-11-14 9.9 (9 years 6 months ago)

Where: Coeur D'Alene, ID, United States Venue: Coeur D'Alene Resort


A Convention giving people a chance to spend time at the Shop with John Bedini and others of like-mind in actual Assembly and Discussion of Cutting Edge Alternative Energy Technology.

Focus is on:

  • The most Practical and Efficient Alternative Energy Solutions,
  • The Theory,
  • Quality Workshop building of such systems,
  • How to Convert your Vehicle to 100% Electric and keep your Batteries.


  • Rick Friedrich, Renaissance Charge, LLC. Main speaker and Instructor. Subjects: Introductions, Renaissance Products, R&D, Online Group Forums, Small and Large Motor Generator Kit Assembly Direction, Electric Vehicle Conversions and Charging, Commercial and Homepower Application of Bedini Technology in Large 10 and 30 Coil Monopole.
  • John Bedini, Energenx, Inc. Special Guest, Rare Appearance of Legendary Inventor. Subjects: General Overseeing of Discussions and Programs, Questions and Answers throughout Convention, Commercial and Homepower Application of Bedini Technology, Overview of the Big Surprise Event.
  • Peter A. Lindemann, Clear Tech, Inc. Subjects: "Electric Motor Secrets, Part 2". Peter is going to explain EVERYTHING he knows about how and why Back EMF functions in electric motors, how it masks the real efficiency of these machines, and how to overcome it, even in CONVENTIONAL MOTORS. He is also going to lay out the complete design characteristics of "The Lockridge Device", which is a fully self-running machine. Questions and Answers throughout Convention. Assisting Peter is Aaron Murakami, of Energetic Forum.
  • Jeff Wilson ('Bits'), MachineOfTime1. Subjects: Demonstrating the Battery Swapper and Tesla Switch, Homepower Application of Bedini Technology.
  • Gordy Ormesher, Panhandle Electric Vehicle Association Subjects: In Electric Vehicle Conversion Assembly and Benefits, Overview of the record-breaking Renaissance Porsche Conversion.
  • Jeane Manning, changingpower.net
  • Other speakers will be added when confirmed.