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Satya Pal Asija
How to Fix the Paradigm of Science

Date: 2010-06-26 Time: 09:00 - 17:00 9.9 (9 years 11 months ago)

Where: Long Beach, CA, United States Venue: The Pointe, Cal State Long Beach


This set of demonstrations is designed to illustrate what?s wrong with science paradigm and how to fix it. It visually delineates corrections to the philosophy and science of such luminaries as Archimedes, Aristotle, Galileo, Newton, Darwin and Einstein. Following representative examples are for illustration only.
  1. Corrections to the first law of motion specifically delineating the semantic difference between Newton?s ?Body at Rest? as used in the first law of motion named after him and Our Pal?s ?Dead-End? or ?STOP?
  2. How Engineers made GPS work by trial and error in spite of the wrong science.
  3. Demonstration of the SWIFT-ANSWER software (US 4,270,182)
The presenter and demonstrator OUR PAL is an attorney, author, inventor and engineer listed in Who?s Who in the World for inventing and prosecuting the first software patent ever.