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Don Briddell
Structure Group

Date: 2010-06-24 Time: 10:45 - 12:15 9.9 (9 years 3 months ago)

Where: Long Beach, CA, United States Venue: College of Business Administration


Don Briddell will lead a group discussion on topics related to structure.

Structure, Form and Medium

  • Proposed definitions:
    • Structure: the relation between parts of a whole
    • Form: the relation of a whole with itself
    • Medium: the actual objects, parts, or matter being related
  • Does the whole define the parts?
  • Do the parts define the whole?
    • Ex., does a knot (part) define the string (whole)?
  • Should structure become a science in its own right, independent of media? Or must we always ask "of what"?
  • Can media produce structure?
  • Can structure exist without media? Can media exist without structure?
Structure and Energy
  • Is this syllogism valid?
    • Structure is to medium as energy is to matter.
  • Do structure/energy require medium/matter to render them tangible or visible?
    • Can we see relations such as energy or structure directly?
    • Does medium/matter verify structure/energy?
  • Are energy and structure equivalent?
  • Remove structure from a medium and the medium collapses. (Stick Studies of triangle and square illustrate the point).
  • How can nature make all media structural, not just the structural triangle/tetrahedron family?
Structure and Fields
  • Proposed definitions:
    • Field: the accounting system needed to track the location and movements of a medium
    • Energy: the relationship between or interaction of fields
  • Why fields? What is a field? How is a field formalized?
  • Can a field interact with itself?
  • Micro world fields (EM, Strong and Weak), macro cosmic world fields (gravity)
    • Are there mencro world ?human scale? fields?
  • Why must quantum physicists work with fields for fundamental states of matter?
  • Why must astro-physicists work with fields?
  • Why do structural architects, engineers and builders of all kinds at the mencro scale remain oblivious to fields?
Fundamentals of Structure
  • Can something come from nothing?
  • What are the first principles of structure?
  • Ochram?s razor ? what is fundamental form, fundamental structure?
  • Is the loop or circuit fundamental?
  • Can we derive all the basic attributes of natural form from a loop?
  • What are the basic structural attributes of ACTION?
    1. Skew (handedness) torsion
    2. Dimensionality (action is spatial)
    3. Closure (action has one form, the LOOP)
    4. Interaction (versus intersection)
    5. Symmetry
    6. Conservation
    7. Deployed vs. Condensed States
    8. Entropy vs. Assemble
    9. Memory (the ability to exist in time and space)
    10. Centrifugal vs. Centripetal
    11. Fractalion and hierarchy
    12. Inside vs. outside
Other topics
  • Building a structural hierarchy
  • Applying the hierarchy to physical reality
  • Implications for empirical applications
  • The concept of structural scalability
  • The need to develop an academic syllabus