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First International Conference on Future Energy

Dates: 1999-04-29 - 1999-05-01 9.9 (2 decades 4 years ago)

Where: Washington, DC, United States Venue:


Hosted by the Secretary of State Open Forum

The objective of CoFE is to:

  • Educate the private and public sectors about free energy
  • Demonstrate its capacity to perform work free of charge
  • Explain how it is superior to centralized power generation
  • Emphasize the planetary urgency for its adoption
  • Broaden deregulation choices free of combustion-pollution
  • Discuss the availability of various free energy systems
  • Analyze free energy science regarding input and output



Workshops (2 hour audiotape):

Free/Future Energy Conference Proceedings (Printed in the Journal of New Energy, V5, N4, Spring 2001)

Jeffery D. KooistraConference on Future EnergyInfinite Energy, N26 (Jul-Aug 1999).  Review of CoFE 1.

The Light Party