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Marko Rodin
The Rodin Coil

Date: 2010-06-26 Time: 09:00 - 17:00 9.9 (9 years 11 months ago)

Where: Long Beach, CA, United States Venue: The Pointe, Cal State Long Beach


Many researchers have demonstrated anomalous effects with what has become known as the Rodin coil, a particular winding of electrical wire around a toroid form. These inductive anomalies include a displaced magnetic south pole, levitation, and wireless power transmission. Marko Rodin discovered this special geometry from studying number patterns mapped from a two dimensional plane to a closed two-dimensional space with the topology of a doughnut. He claims that these number patterns represent the natural flow of energy, and therefore winds wire along these natural flow lines. The shears between adjacent currents create a complex overall magnetic field, whose properties are as yet not well understood. But since wound coils are essential to motors, generators, transformers, and numerous electronic devices, we should not be surprised to discover that new 3D geometries for coil windings have the potential to revolutionize all of these components, and possibly provide a model for the electron itself.