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Greg Volk
Toroid Quantum Model

Date: 2010-06-26 Time: 09:00 - 17:00 9.9 (1 decade 2 years ago)

Where: Long Beach, CA, United States Venue: The Pointe, Cal State Long Beach


The "Strobe Effect" we see in a Las Vegas roulette wheel or wagon wheel in an old western may explain much at the fundamental level of particles. In all cases, the interaction between frequencies creates quantum jumps between states. In this model, a charge element is represented by a set of LEDs, strung like Christmas lights, around both a toroid and its torus cross section.  The LEDs fire around the path in a certain time, corresponding to the "inertial frequency" or "self frequency" of a fundamental particle. The mechanical spinning of the toroid wheel corresponds to the rotation of the particle with respect to environment.  The interaction of these two frequencies creates discontinuous "jumps" and a series of resonant "locks", which correspond to the quantum states of the particle. When a particle changes from one state to another, we say that it "absorbed" or "emitted" a photon.