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Frontiers of Fundamental Physics

Dates: 1993-09-27 - 1993-09-30 9.9 (3 decades 5 months ago)

Where: Olympia, Greece Venue:


The Olympia conference Frontiers of Fundamental Physics was a gathering of about a hundred scientists who carry on research in conceptually important areas of physical science (they do "fundamental physics"). Most of them were physicists, but also historians and philosphers of science were well represented. An important fraction of the participants could be considered "heretical" because they disagreed with the validity of one or several fundamental assumptions of modern physics. Common to all participants was an excellent scientific level coupled with a remarkable intellectula honesty: we are proud to present to the readers this certainly unique book.

Alternative ways of considering fundamental matters should of course be vitally important for the progress of science, unless one wanted to admit that physics at the end of the XXth century has already obtained the final truth, a very unlikely possibility even if one accepted the doubtful idea of the existence of a "final" truth.  The merits of the Olympia conference should therefore not be judged a priori in a positive or in a negative way depending on one's refusal or acceptance, respectively, of basic principles of contemporary sience, but considered after reading the actual new proposals and evidence there presented. They seem very important to us... - From the Preface

Conference Proceedings






  • Electromagnetic Interactions and Particle Physics, Asim O. Barut 339
  • Isotropic and Genotopic Relativistic Theory, Asterios Jannussis & Anna Sotiropoulos 347
  • A Look at Frontiers of High Enrgy Physics: From the GeV (109 eV) to PeV (1015 eV) and Beyond, Prof. Michele Barone 359
  • An Approach to Finite-Size Particles with Spin, Bronislaw Sredniawa 369
  • A New High Energy Scale?, Vladimir Kadyshevsky 377
  • On the Space-Time Structure of the Electron, Dr. Martin Rivas 383
  • Physics Without Physical Constants, Prof. Edward Kapuscik 387
  • The Relation Between Information, Time and Space Inferred from Universal Phenomena in Solid-State Physics, Gerhard Dorda 393
  • Quantum-Like Behavior of Charged Particles in a Magnetic Field and Observation of Discreet Forbidden States in the Classical Mechanical Domain, Ram K. Varma 401
  • Unipolar Induction and Weber's Electrodynamics, Prof. Andre K. T. Assis & Dario S. Thober 409
  • Impact of Maxwell's Equation of Displacement Current on Electromagnetic Laws and Comparison of the Maxwellian Waves with Our Model of Dipolic Particles, Lefteris A. Kaliambos 415
  • Direct Calculation of H and the Complete Self Energy of the Electron from Fluid Models, Dr. William M. Honig 423
  • Interbasis "Sphere-Cylinder" Expansions for the Oscillator in the Three Dimensional Space of Constant Positive Curvature, George S. Pogosyan, A. N. Sissakian & S. I. Vinitsky 429
  • Pancharatnam's Topological Phase in Relation to Dynamical Phase in Polarization Optics, Susanne Klein, Wolfgang Dultz & Heirun Schmitzer 437
  • On the Connection Betwee Classical and Quantum Mechanics, Dr. Andrzej Horzela 443
  • Discrete Time Realizations of Quantum Mechanics and Their Possible Experimental Tests, Carl Wolf 449
  • Heraclitus' Vision - Schr?dinger's Version, Pitter Gr?ff 459


Index 597

Two conference proceedings books were published, the second containing longer articles:

Advances in Fundamental Physics





  • Alexander Afriat, Correlations Involving Several Subsystems 2999
  • Constantin Antonopoulos, On Measurements with Contradictory Results; Tracing the Roots of the Original Wholeness  313
  • Askar K. Aringazin, K. M. Aringazin, A. Baskoutas, G. Brodimas, Asterios Jannussis & E. Vlachos, q-Deformed Harmonic Oscillator in Phase Space  329
  • M. Damjanonvic & Z. Maric, Relativistic Dynamics and Space-Time Structure of Few-Body Processes  349
  • J. Foadi, A Geometrical Approach to Bell Inequalities  357
  • L. C. B. Ryff, Some Reflections and Conjectures on E.P.R. Correlations and Realism  369
  • Dr. Franco Selleri, Complementarity vs. Causality in Space and Time  381
  • Dr. Paul Wesley, Light Radiates as Stochastic Bursts of Photons  399


  • V. P. Ivankin, On the Origin and Development of the Solar System  409
  • Dr. Martin Kokus Red-Shift Quantization and the Fractal Geometry of the Universe  425
  • Dr. Hugh G. Owen, Speculations on the Physical State of the Earth's Inner Core  429
  • Giancarlo Scalera, Relocation of Paleopoles on Variable Radius Earth Models  463