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Rati Ram Sharma
Unified Theory Replaces Relativity & Quantum Theories and Uncertainty & Hamilton Principles

Date: 2009-09-19 Time: 07:00 - 09:00 US/Pacific (1 decade 4 years ago)
America/Los Angeles: 2009-09-19 07:00 (DST)
America/New York: 2009-09-19 10:00 (DST)
America/Sao Paulo: 2009-09-19 11:00
Europe/London: 2009-09-19 14:00
Asia/Colombo: 2009-09-19 19:30
Australia/Sydney: 2009-09-20 01:00 (DST)

Where: Online Video Conference
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This video conference used DimDim, now a private company.
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Relativity (RT) and Quantum Theory (QT), the two prominent theories of light, holding the sway for a century continue to stand apart. Their authors got Nobel prizes but made no secret of their unclarity about the nature of light and used mathematics to supplant and tinker with physical concepts. Relativity replaced the physical medium with mathematical 4-dimensional spacetime to propagate light 'wave' and took light velocity?s constancy & invariance to source-observer motion whether uniform (SR) or non-uniform (GR) as axiomatic postulates without explanation, which stand invalidated by observed variability & superluminality of light velocity but lead to the unrealistic ?contraction of length? and ?dilation of time?. Light velocity c as the upper limit of natural velocities made neutrino, anti-neutrino & photon (moving at c) massless and non-composite electron, proton & neutron sizeless points. QT turned light?s intrinsic Wave-Quantum UNITY into observational Wave-or-Quantum DUALITIES. QT also validated violations of the inviolable conservations of mass-energy and momentum within the limits of Heisenberg relations under Uncertainty Principle implying ?objective indeterminism? or ?non-causality?. These allowed matter?s creation from and dissolution into nothing. The relation DE.Dx ? ch/2p puts into disarray all the classical concepts of location, boundary & trajectory, and even of the size and composition of micro particles. It led to the bizarre notion of a micro particle being constituted and bound by more massive sub-particles because in confining to small distance Dx the uncertainty DE in energy E becomes larger than E itself. Both RT & QT rely on 'what is observed' but UT is based on 'what there actually is' in the objective reality. String & Electroweak theories share the essentials of RT & QT. Gauge theory gropes for the non-existent wrapped up extra dimensions of space and Higgs boson in the Geneva based Large Hadron Collider to generate mass in the massless elements. In UT mass & charge are innate. So massless and mass or charge generating particles and space vortex or toroid are non-existent. These and other unrealities & inadequacies have made the modern Physics so unrealistic that even the most celebrated Physicist cannot explain the objective reality the way one would like to through easily understood language and visualizable concepts related to the common human experiences. Unified Theory explains the Wave-Quantum Unity of light & moving material particles and does all the needful that the RT & QT did or were to but could not do. UT rejects the Uncertainty Principle as unrealistic and replaces it along with the Hamilton Principle with the new Principle of Null Action, which is based on ?causality? and the conservation of mass-energy, momentum and ?action? and has universal applications. The UT also critically reviews the claims of the Copenhagen Interpretation of Quantum Theory. The Unified Theory thus provides an alternative replacement to Quantum Theory and Uncertainty & Hamilton Principles. During the Videotalk on 29 August, 2009 Unified Theory has already replaced both the Special & General Relativity Theories.