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2nd Conference on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions

Dates: 1996-09-13 - 1996-09-14 9.9 (2 decades 6 years ago)

Where: College Station, TX, United States Venue:


Proceedings of 2nd Conference on Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions (Printed in the Journal of New Energy, V1, N3, Fall 1996):

  •    1  Hal Fox, Editorial: Basic Experimental Studies
  •    5  Prof. George H. Miley & James A. Patterson, Nuclear Transmutations in Thin-Film Nickel Coatings Undergoing Electrolysis
  •  31  Tadahiko Mizuno, Tadayoshi Ohmori & Michio Enyo, Isotopic Changes of the Reaction Products Induced by Cathodic Electrolysis in Pd
  •  46  R.  Kopecek & Prof. John Dash, Excess Heat and Unexpected Elements from Electrolysis of Acidified Haevy Water with Titanium Cathodes
  •  54  S.  Szpak & P. A. Mosier-Boss, Nuclear and Thermal Events Assiciated with Pd + D Codeposition
  •  68  Dr. Mitchell R. Swartz, Possible Deuterium Production from Light Water Excess Enthalpy Experiments Using Nickel Cathodes
  •  81  Dr. Robert W. Bass, R.  Neal, Stan Gleeson & Hal Fox, Electro-Nuclear Transmutation: Low Energy Nuclear Reactions in an Electrolytic Cell
  •  88  Dr. David J. Nagel, Cold Fusion Experiments, Theory, and Management at the Naval Research Laboratory (Abstract only)
  •  89  T. N. Claytor, M. J. Schwab & D. G. Tuggle, Tritium Production from Palladium and Palladium Alloys (Abstract only)
  •  90  Tadayoshi Ohmori, Tadahiko Mizuno & Michio Enyo, Isotopic Distribitions of Heavy Metal Elements Produced During the Light Water Electrolysis on Gold Electrode


  • 100  Prof. Guang H. Lin & Dr. John M. Bockris, Anomalous Radioactivity and Unexpected Elements as a Result of Heating Inorganic Mixtures
  • 106  Toby Grotz, Investigation of Reports of the Synthesis of Iron Via Arc Discharge Through Carbon Compounds
  • 111  Ken Shoulders & Steve Shoulders, Observations on the Role of Charge Clusters in Nuclear Cluster Reactions
  • 122  Andrew Michrowski, Advanced Transmutation Processes and Thier Application for Decontamination of Radioactive Nuclear Wastes


  • 131  Dr. Roberto A. Monti, Tadahiko MizunoMichio Enyo, Low Energy Nuclear Reaction: Experimental Evidence for the Alpha-Extended Model of the Atom
  • 145  Prof. Yeong E. Kim & A. L. Zubarev, Nuclear Physics Mechanisms for Gamow Factor Cancellation in Low-Energy Nuclear Reactions
  • 155  A.  Cau, Natural Nuclear Synthesis of Superheavy Elemetns
  • 184  G. S. Rabzi, Natural Cold Fission - Natural New Energy - Natural New Physics
  • 192  Shang Xian Jin & Hal Fox, Possible Palladium-Related Nuclear Reactions