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10th Natural Philosophy Alliance Conference

Dates: 2003-06-09 - 2003-06-13 9.9 (2 decades 7 months ago)

Where: Storrs, CT, United States Venue: University of Connecticut, Mathematics Department


The Natural Philosophy Alliance (NPA) is devoted mainly to broad-ranging, fully open-minded criticism, at the most fundamental levels , of the often irrational and unrealistic doctrines of modern physics and cosmology; and to the ultimate replacement of these doctrines by much sounder ideas developed with full respect for evidence, logic, and objectivity. Such reforms have long been urgently needed; and yet there is no area of scholarship more stubbornly censorial, and more reluctant to reform itself.

Proceedings (Printed in the Journal of New Energy, V7, N3)

    2  Hal Fox & Dr. Cynthia K. Whitney, Editorial Comments
    5  James Carter, The 2.7˚K Cosmic Background Radiation Within an Expanding Universe
  12  David Dameron, Observations on Motional Induction
  17  Glen W. Deen, Reanalyzing Dayton C. Miller's Raw Interferometer Data
  25  Dr. Robert J. Heaston, "The Gravitational Superforce Hypothesis"
  32  Dr. Robert J. Heaston, "The Asymptotic Box"
  38  Jim N. Hodges, Seven Veils of Ignorance Torn from Truth
  42  Jan Olof Jonson, Refutation of Feynman's Derivation of the Lienard-Wiechert Potentials
  45  James Keele, Unified 'No Field' theory and the Bohr Atom
  51  Dr. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Mechanical Dimensionality for Electrodynamic Quantities
  53  Dr. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Generalized Lorentz Force Formula
  57  Dr. Jaroslav G. Klyushin, Electro- and Gravi-Dynamics
  61  Dr. Martin Kokus, The Fine Structure Constant and Cosmic Structure
  64  Dr. Peter Marquardt, Events and Observers: A Practical Pathfinder Through Physics
  72  Francisco J. M?ller, Some Problems Concerning Jupiter's Magnetic Field and Io's Flux Tube
  77  Dr. Ing. Martin M?ller, A Model for Free and Pauli-Paired Electrons
  82  Neil E. Munch, Continuity of Light Waves Over High-Speed Frames
  89  Neil E. Munch, Possible Doppler Experiments at Super-Luminal Source Speeds
  94  Dr. Hector A. Munera, On the Consistency of Observed Anistropies with Classical Mechanics
101  Dr. Hector A. Munera, Preliminary Observations with a Stationary Michelson-Morley Interferometer Close to the Equator
106  Dr. Athanassios A. Nassikas, Minimum Contradictions Physics as a New Paradigm
114  Guido Paoli, The Biomagnetic Nature of Cancer and the Role of Potassium Ascorbate and Ribose Against Cellular Degeneration
120  Dr. Thomas E. Phipps Jr., Failueres of Relativity Theory to Describe Starlight
132  Jim Reavis, On The Possibility Of A Source Free And Singularity Free Field Model Of The Electron
139  Prof. Roger A. Rydin, Cross Correlation of Deep Redshift Galactic Pencil Survey Data
144  Prof. Roger A. Rydin, A New Nuclear Energy Source for Supernovae, Etc.
148  Sadanand S. Savarkar, No 'Cloud-Cuckoo-Lands' Any More: Nature Works on the Absolute Ground
154  Alexander A. Scarborough, Bringing the Copernical Revolution on Full Circle Via a New Fopurth Law of Planetary Motion
161  Alexander A. Scarborough, Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems
169  Dr. Harry A. Schmitz, "A Galilean Multiverse? A Simple Physical Model of a Fractal Cosmos"
173  Dr. Domina Eberle Spencer, Dr. Uma Y. Shama & Dr. Philip J. Mann, The Interpretation of Jorge Cur?'s Modified Millikan Oil Drop Experiment
176  Dr. Domina Eberle Spencer, The Jorge Cur? Postulate on the Electircal Nature of Cancer
179  Dr. Tom Van Flandern, 21st Century Gravity (A Deeper Understanding of Why Apples Fall from Trees)
188  Harald T. Van Lintel, An Alternative to the Lorentz Contraction Hypothesis: Anistropic Wave Propagation
194  Billie Westergard, Spin and Matter Creation: An Alternative to the Problem of Structure Formation in the Big-Bang Universe
200  Dr. Cynthia K. Whitney, Spectroscopy's 'Relativistic' Keystone