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2nd Unified Theories Scientific Conference

Dates: 2008-05-16 - 2008-05-19 9.9 (1 decade 1 year ago)

Where: 1014 Budapest, Hungary Venue: The Hall of the Hungarian Cultural Foundation



  • Fred Alan Wolf - USA: Is the Mind of God Found in Quantum Field Theory?
  • John Hagelin - USA: Is Consciousness the Unified Field? A Field Theorist?s Perspective
  • Amit Goswami - India - USA: Science within Consciousness: toward an Integration of all sciences
  • Uma Krishnamurthy - India - USA (workshop): Consciousness, Creativity, and the yoga psychology of transformation

Continuation of the development of the Unified theory of physics:

  • Matti Pitkanen - FI: Principles of Quantum Topological Geometrodynamics
  • Richard Amoroso - USA: Mind-Body Interactions Surmount the Uncertainty Principle
  • Alex Hankey - GB: Observing Quantum Systems: How far-from-Equilibrium Feedback Instabilities can Offer Comprehensive

Solutions to the Mind-Matter and Mind-Body Problems incorporating Macroscopic Quantum Coherence:

  • Bjarne Lorenzen - DK: Whirlpool gravitation and space-time torsion and contraction
  • V. G. Kryuk - UR: Structure And Their Physical Analogue

Unified Natural Sciences and the Theory of Mind and Consciousness:

  • Dienes Istv?n - HU: Gravitational Holgraphy to Living Holograms, From Consciousness-Holomatrix to Self-Conscious Neuronetworks
  • Grandpierre Attila - HU: of physics, biology and psychology into a unified natural science
  • Alex Kaivarainen - FI: Unified Theory of Bivacuum, Matter-Field Duality, Virtual Replicas and Cycle of Mind, as a Background of Paranormal Phenomena
  • Sz?nt? Borisz - HU: Type Man. The evolution of apperception
  • S. Sz?kely Attila - RO: Paradigm of the Biopsychology of Consciousness
  • S. K. Ramesh - AE (workshop): Quantum mechanics of  age reversal an evidence based presentation 2008. m?jus 18. The unified theory life and Complex theory of human existence
  • Peter Gariaev - RU: Brief introduction into WaveGenetics. Its scope and opportunities
  • Dan Winter - USA: Fractal Fields: The CAUSE of Gravity, Mass Creation, Consciousness, Color, Bliss ? and The Real Science of Peacemaking
  • M. El Naschie - SA: Fractal gravitation and the golden ratio in elemetary particle physics
  • Dmitry Weise - RU: The Pythagorean View on Problems of Periodicity in Modern Science
  • Jakab Istv?n - HU: Living water: the fourth condition of water
  • Ugrin Emese - HU: Knowledge-city, a research to develop meta-space
  • D?lut?ni t?mak?r 14 ?r?t?l 19 ?r?ig: The unified theory of religions and sciences
  • N?dor Judit - HU: and ghosts: holistic and ecology in the healing (lessons of strange traditions and integrating opportunities)
  • Kamar?s Istv?n - HU: ?rhat?-e