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13th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF13)

Dates: 2007-06-25 - 2007-07-01 9.9 (1 decade 6 years ago)

Where: Sochi, Russia Venue:


The International Conferences on "CONDENSED MATTER NUCLEAR SCIENCE" originate from the notorious press-conference in March 1989 at the University of Utah where Martin Fleischmann and Stanley Pons announced about their experiments with electrolyzing heavy water resulted in registration of excess heat yield. Since their interpretation of the phenomenon observed related it to a possibility of running nuclear reactions at normal temperature which contradicted to the system of academic nuclear physics knowledge this discovery agitated the whole worldwide scientific community and actually initiated a new direction in modern physics ? Condensed Matter Nuclear Science.

The new direction got supported by a great number of research groups and qualified researchers in more than 30 countries and in some of the countries those research activities immediately got state support as well as participation of small and medium business and sometimes also funding from the part of big business groups.

It can not be said that the optimistic expectations of fast solving energy problems based on the newly discovered physical principles have already been justified. But at the same time it should not be ignored the fact that the process of developing those research efforts with implementation of a wide variety of different methods now has resulted in appearing strong belief in that a new field of scientific activities has opened before modern science with quite reasonable expectation of finding not only new solutions of a number of fundamental problems about origination and interaction of matter and energy in the Universe but also development of a number of breakthrough technologies that would make capable to provide noticeable influence on the global technical civilization. Even nowadays a number of research groups pass from laboratory investigations of the phenomena of low energy nuclear reactions in condensed matter towards developing practically valuable technologies and technical projects. Evident recognition by the business community takes place regarding the commercial perspectives of implementing the results of scientific achievements in this field.

The present Conference is the 13th international forum in this new field of science. According to the opinion of the Organizing Committee the main subjects and goals of the Conference should incorporate consolidation of the results obtained by the scientists of many countries in investigating the physical phenomenon with the achievements in some other fields of science and technology such as nuclear engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, laser science and engineering, material science, nano-technology, bio-technology, etc. for the sake of fast solving valuable application problems.

The special aspect of the ICCF13 is that according to the tradition of the Russian National annual conferences the scope of the problems to be considered incorporates also the theoretical and experimental research related to the phenomena of nuclear transmutations not only in condensed matter but also in gaseous and plasma media which relates to another important problem of modern science ? the nature and likely implementation of Ball Lightning phenomenon.

We believe that the physics of low energy nuclear reactions in condensed matter will take one of the leading roles among the brand new directions of developing science and technology in XXI century. The future shall definitely come! It is just crucial not to fall behind with realization of it reality and importance!