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2nd Crisis in Cosmology Conference (CCC-2)

Dates: 2008-09-07 - 2008-09-11 9.9 (1 decade 5 years ago)

Where: Port Angeles, WA, United States Venue: Red Lion Hotel


The Alternative Cosmology Group (ACG), in collaboration with the International Academy for Cosmological Studies (IACS) and with Meta Research (MRI), cordially invites everyone interested in the history and nature of the universe to attend this conference, and invites qualified colleagues to participate in the talks, panels, and discussions.

Panel 1: Reality of cosmic expansion (chaired by Frank Potter)

  • Lyndon E. Ashmore: Hydrogen cloud separation as direct evidence of the dynamics of the Universe
  • Jerry W. Jensen: Supernova 2006gy and Copernicus principle: Modern cosmology meets Goliath
  • Dr. Tom Van Flandern: The two pillars of the Big Bang fal
  • Richard Lieu: LCDM cosmology: its bright and dark side
  • Eric J. Lerner: Tolman surface brightness test from z=0.03 to z=5.7
  • Michael Hawkins: Search for time dilation in quasar light curves

Panel 2: Origin of microwave radiation (chaired by Richard Lieu)

  • Bernard R. Bligh: Microwave radiation does NOT prove that hot Big Bang theory is correct
  • Royce Haynes: Re-evaluation of the cosmic microwave background (CMB)
  • Lyndon E. Ashmore: Photon-electron recoil leading to the Hubble constant and CMB

Panel 3: Quasi-stellar objects (chaired by Hilton Ratcliffe)

  • Christopher Fulton: Physical association and periodicity in quasar families
  • Dr. Halton C. Arp (live videocon): Nature of extragalactic redshifts from quasar-into-galaxy evolution
  • Chuck Gallo: Quasar additional intrinsic redshift mechanism ??

Panel 4: Large scale structure (chaired by Chuck Gallo)

  • Dr. John G. Hartnett: Fourier analysis of the large scale spatial distribution of galaxies in the universe
  • Jonathan J. Dickau: Does Mandelbrot set offer clues to cosmological evolution of form?
  • Dr. Harry A. Schmitz: Evidence survey for top-down vs. bottom-up evolution on various scales
  • Hilton Ratcliffe: A review of anomalous redshift data

Panel 5: Methods for selecting alternative cosmologies (chaired by Christopher Fulton)

  • Farzad Mahootian & Dr. Timothy E. Eastman: The observational-inductive framework and implications for cosmology
  • David Dilworth: Cosmological physics ground rules & how to evaluate cosmologies
  • Dr. Tom Van Flandern: Deduction vs. induction for selecting a cosmology

Panel 6: General alternative cosmologies (chaired by Dr. Timothy E. Eastman)

Panel 7: Hubble relationship alternatives (chaired by Eric J. Lerner)

Panel 8: Dark matter and dark energy alternatives (chaired by Dr. Tom Van Flandern)

  • Phillip Mannheim: Cosmological constant problem presages paradigm shift in gravity theory?
  • Chuck Gallo: Ordinary dark matter versus mysterious dark matter in galactic rotation
  • Ram Gopal Vishwakarma: Does Dark Energy Signal a Wrong Physics?
  • Robin Booth: Machian general relativity: possible solution to the dark energy problem?