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5th International Conference on Cold Fusion (ICCF5)

Dates: 1995-04-09 - 1995-04-13 9.9 (2 decades 8 years ago)

Where: Monte-Carlo, Monaco Venue:


(The ICCF5 paper numbers listed here are from the Book of Abstracts.)

  1. Dr. Edmund Storms, ?A Critical Overview of Cold Fusion,? ICCF5 paper # 101.
  2. Dr. Dennis J. Cravens, ?Flow Calorimetry and the Patterson Power Cell (TM) Design,? ICCF5 paper # 208.
  3. B. Klein, ?A Development Approach for Cold Fusion,? ICCF5 paper # 613.
  4. T. K. Sankaranarayanan et al., ?Evidence For Tritium Generation in Self-Heated Nickel Wires Subjected to Hydrogen Gas,? ICCF5 paper # 307.
  5. M. Srinivasan, ?Experiments with Plasma Focus Devices: the Past, Present and Future,? ICCF5 paper # 605.
  6. L. G. Sapogin, ?On One of Energy Generation Mechanism in Unitary Quantum Theory,? unnumbered ICCF5 paper.
  7. L. G. Sapogin, ?On Unitary Quantum Mechanics,? Il Nuovo Cimento, vol. 53A No. 2, p. 251 (1979).
  8. James Griggs, ?Sonoluminescence, Excess Energy and the Hydrosonic Pump,? ICCF5 paper # 607.
  9. R. George, ?Cavitation Induced Micro-Fusion as Evidenced by the Production of Heat, 3He, and 4He,? ICCF5 paper # 324.
  10. Y. Arata, ?Utilization of ?Spillover-Deuterium? in Double Structure (DS) Palladium Cathodes,? ICCF5 paper # 601.
  11. Y. Iwamura et al., ?Characteristic X-Ray and Neutron Emissions from Electrochemically Deuterated Palladium,? ICCF5 paper # 312.
  12. T. Itoh, ?Observations of Nuclear Products Under Vacuum Condition from Deuterated Palladium with High Loading Ratio,? ICCF5 paper # 311.
  13. K. Shikano, ?D2 Release Process From Deuterated Palladium in a Vacuum,? ICCF5 paper # 332.
  14. S. Isagawa, ?Heat Production and Trial to Detect Nuclear Products from Palladium-Deuterium Electrolysis Cells,? ICCF5 paper # 220.
  15. T. Claytor, ?Tritium Production From a Low Voltage Deuterium Discharge on Palladium and Other Metals,? ICCF5 paper # 306.
  16. R. Notoya, ?Nuclear Products of Cold Fusion Caused by Electrolysis in Alkali Metallic Ions Solutions,? ICCF5 paper # 609.
  17. R. Bush, ?A Demonstrator For The Light Water Excess Heat Effect,? ICCF5 paper # 617.
  18. J. P. Biberian, ?Excess Heat Measurement in AILaO3 Doped With Deuterium,? ICCF5 paper # 205. See also Mizuno, Proc. ICCF4.
  19. J. DuFour, ?Interaction Palladium/Hydrogen Isotopes Cold Fusion By Sparking In Hydrogen Isotopes,? ICCF5 paper # 604.
  20. I. B. Savvatimova, ?Nuclear Reaction Product Registration on the Cathode after Glow Discharge,? ICCF5 paper # 318.
  21. K. Kunimatsu, ?Materials/Surface Aspects of Hydrogen/Deuterium Loading into Pd Cathodes,? ICCF5 paper # 501.
  22. M. Okamoto, ?The Present Status and the Scope of the Japan Basic Research Project of New Hydrogen Energy,? ICCF5 paper # 211.
  23. Stanley Pons & Dr. Martin Fleischmann, ?More about Boiling,? ICCF5 paper # 204.
  24. H. Ikegemi, ?The Next Steps In Cold Fusion Research,? Oyou Butsuri, Vol 62, No. 7, July 1993, p. 717
  25. E. Kennel et al., ?Gamma and X-Ray Measurements in Electrochemically Active Systems,? ICCF5 paper # 330.
  26. A. B. Karabut, ?Excess Heat Measurements in Glow Discharge Using Flow Calorimeter,? ICCF5 paper # 319.
  27. M. Eisner, ?The Serendipitous Design and Execution of an Early Experiment which confirmed Heat in the Fleischmann-Pons Effect,? ICCF5 paper # 212.
  28. T. Lautzenhiser, D. Phelps, ?Cold Fusion: Report on a Recent Amoco Experiment,? Amoco Production Company, Report T-90-E-02, 90081ART0082, 19 March 1990.
  29. W. Hansen, ?A Statistical Approach to Electrochemical Calorimetric Analysis,? ICCF5 paper # 213.
  30. M. H. Miles (Naval Air Weapons Center), B. F. Bush (SRI), D. E. Stillwell (CAES), ?Calorimetric Principles and Problems in Measurements of Excess Power during Pd-D2O Electrolysis,? J. Phys. Chem. 1994, 98, p. 1948-1952.
  31. Dr. Martin Fleischmann, & Stanley Pons, ?The Experimenter?s Regress,? ICCF5 paper # 215.