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Meeting of the Minds

Dates: 1987-02-13 - 1987-02-14 9.9 (3 decades 7 years ago)

Where: Temecula, CA, United States Venue:


This was the second "Meeting of the Minds" conference. See Tom Valentine, "Meeting of the Minds February 13-14", Magnets in Your Future, V2, N1, p. 14 (Jan 1987) for a description.


  • Les Adams, "Magnets and Applications"
  • Prof. Stanley Ashby, "Magnetism and the Unified Field"
  • Bill Muller, "Energy Technologies from Canada"
  • Dr. Thomas F. Valone, "Tesla, Faraday and Searl"
  • Dr. Klaus J. Kronenburg, "The Meaning of Permanent Magnetism"
  • Dr. H. W. Jones, "Tesla's Influence on World-wide Socio-economic Dynamics"
  • Kenneth MacNeill, "Over-unity Energy Technologies"
  • Dr. Paul M. Brown, "Moray and Hubbard Device - Nuclear Batteries?"