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Extensions of Quantum Physics

Dates: 2000-10-12 - 2000-10-15 9.9 (2 decades 3 years ago)

Where: Krakow, Poland Venue:


Papers presented at a workshop on Extensions of Quantum Physics held in Krakow, Poland, October 12-15, 2000. The workshop was devoted to controversial new experimental results in quantum tunnelling and their theoretical interpretation, including such topics as superluminal signal velocities and the locality problem, localization of photons in tunneling, preferred reference systems in Maxwell electrodynamics, and tunnelling through many-barrier and many-layer systems.

Table of Contents

  • G. Nimtz, A. Haibel, A. A. Stahlhofen, and R.-M. Vetter. On Universal Properties of Tunneling
  • G. C. Hegerfeldt. Particle Localization and the Notion of Einstein Causality
  • A. S. Shumovsky. Locality of Quantum Electromagnetic Radiation
  • J. Leon. Time of Arrival in Classical and Quantum Mechanics
  • J. Rembielinski. Superluminal Phenomena and the Phenomenological Maxwell Equations
  • V. S. Barashenkov and M. Z. Yuriev. Sub- and Superluminal Velocities in Space with Vector Time
  • V. S. Olkhovsky, E. Recami, and G. Salesi. Superluminal Tunneling through Two Successive Barriers
  • A. M. Gabovich, V. M. Rozenbaum, and A. I. Voitenko. Tunneling in Two- and Three-layer Systems with Allowance for Dynamic Image Forces
  • B. Segev. Tunneling in the Wigner Representation
  • M. Heller. Geometric Structure of the Big Bang
  • L. Kostro. The Quantities c4/G and c5/G and the Basic Equations of Quantum Mechanics
  • P. Machnikowski, P. Magnuszewski, and A. Radosz. Stability of the Bell-shaped Excitations in Discrete Models of Molecular Chains