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Ed Seykota
Prevent Bernoulli Abuse!: Radial Momentum Theory

Date: 2009-05-23 Time: 07:00 - 09:00 US/Pacific (1 decade 4 years ago)
America/Los Angeles: 2009-05-23 07:00 (DST)
America/New York: 2009-05-23 10:00 (DST)
America/Sao Paulo: 2009-05-23 11:00
Europe/London: 2009-05-23 14:00
Asia/Colombo: 2009-05-23 19:30
Australia/Sydney: 2009-05-24 01:00 (DST)

Where: Online Video Conference
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David Scott De Hilster
1 decade 4 years ago [2009-05-20 16:39:30]
Looking forward to this talk!  Congrats Ed, an amazing discovery and solution.  This will rock the aerospace industry!
Ionel Dinu
Good work!
1 decade 4 years ago [2009-05-18 04:31:23]
Ed, congratulations for this nice insight into the origin of the Bernoulli effect. So, basically it seems that the reduction in the static pressure of a fluid is indeed due just to reduction in its density. And, with this, we are back to the equation of state for fluids. Seen in this perspective, Bernoulli equation, which links the change in the static pressure of the fluid directly to its flow speed, is a consequence of the fact that the flow of the fluid results in a change in its density. Then, this means that Bernoulli equation is not a fundamental equation indeed, but a consequence of the equation of state for fluids and of the fact that the fluid moves... I found your result very useful. Thanks, I will cite you on this in my works on aether (if you don't mind, of course). Good work!