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1st International Conference on Problems in Space and Time In Modern Science

Dates: 1989-03-14 - 1989-03-15 9.9 (3 decades 5 years ago)

Where: St. Petersburg, Russia Venue: Pulkavo Observatory


Held in Leningrad prior to having its name changed back to St. Petersburg, this conference was an historic event for two reasons: because it was the first in a continuing series of such conferences, but perhaps more importantly because it was the first Russian event to invite scientists "outside the iron curtain" in many years. Bryan Wallace and Bob Fritzius were privileged guests at an otherwise exclusively Russian conference. A pre-conference meeting and banquet was held at the House of Scientists on Monday, March 13, though the conference officially ran from Tuesday, March 14 to Wednesday, March 15. With about 40 scientists in attendance, Bryan Wallace gave a well-received talk on the development of Modern Science, culminating in some space-science problems engendered by use of the special theory of relativity.

Speakers (Numbers in parenthesis are page numbers in Bob Fritzius? conference notes):

Victor K. Abalakin, Director of Observatory, Introductory Address (18)

  1. Y. B. Molchanov, (Moscow) Universal and General Time (18)
  2. _______ Grebb, Time is a Property of the Gravitational Field (21)
  3. A. D. Chernin, Continuity and Time in Modern Astrophysics (24)
  4. Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, Hegel?s Point of View (26)
  5. _______________, Simultaniety Not Needed
  6. Dr. Svetlana Tolchelnikova-Murri, Historical Review of the Fight Over Different Versions [of Relativity] (27)
  7. Dr. Vladimir I. Sekerin, The Role of Astronomical Observations in _____ Space and Time (30)
  8. Lena _________, (Leningrad), Seems to be talking about Svetlana. Good audience reaction (32)
  9. Constantine Manujlov (Leningrad) The Structure of Space and Time ? (N Bodies) (33)
  10. _______ Bazilevsky, (Absentia) Maxwell?s formulae are not in accord with relativity (36)
  11. _______ Arzichovsky, To do with Michelson-Morley (36)
  12. _______________, Institute of Informatics, Time is a Function of Many Factors (37)
  13. _______ Troisky, Astro Theoretic (39)
  14. I. P. Gavrilova, (Leningrad) Space and Time, Contracting Physics of Space (41)
  15. B. Rok, (Poland), Evolution of Understanding of our View of Properties of Space and Time (42)
  16. Bryan G. Wallace, Dynamic Ether, Venus Radar Ranging (43)
  17. V. V. Cheshev, (Tomsk) Principle of Relativity and the Problem of Space and Time (47)
  18. L. M. Zlotnikov, The Problem of Standardization of Words (49)
  19. M. G. Surbulenko, Analog modeling of Binary Stars with Ritzian relativity (Not in proceedings) (51)
  20. Prof. Pavel F. Parshin, Ives? Experiment (52)
  21. Alexandra _________, Motion of the Solar System with Respect to a Galactic Hydrodynamics (53)
  22. Vladimir A. Aszukovsky (Azjukowski), Aetherodynamics (54)
  23. G. Golokolov & Eugeny Petrovichy?, ____________________ (55)
  24. _______ Belostocky, _______________________ (56)
  25. Dr. Michael P. Varin [May be a speaker]
  26. Prof. Anatoly P. Smirnov, The Twin Paradox (57)
  27. Prof. Pavel F. Parshin, _____________________ (57)
  28. _______________, Ecology Problems, Chernobyl etc, Death of humanity in 25 years. (57)
  29. Prof. Kyrill P. Butusov, Ether Flux Converging on Earth (57)
  30. Vladimir A. Aszukovsky (Azjukowski), Ether Flux Converging on Earth (58)
  31. Constantine V. Manujlov, ___________________ (58)
  32. _______________, Problem of Space and Time is a Practical Problem (58)
  33. Gyzoukee Petr Gerachnobuz, (KGB) ____________________ (58)
  34. Galena Vasiljeve, ______________________ (58)
  35. Prof. Kyrill P. Butusov, Russian Physics (58)