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Conference on New Research in Orgonomy

Dates: 2009-08-01 - 2009-08-02 9.9 (1 decade 3 years ago)

Where: Ashland, Oregon, United States Venue:


The Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) near Ashland, Oregon, USA, will be hosting a 2-day Conference on New Research in Orgonomy in Summer 2009. New research findings on the natural scientific and social aspects of Orgonomy -- the science of life-energy functions in nature, as developed by the late Dr. Wilhelm Reich in the first half of the 20th Century -- will be presented and discussed by diverse research professionals. The first day of the Conference also will cover some of the basics on Wilhlem Reich's Discoveries, for those who know less about the subject or who want a refresher. The event will take place on the weekend of 1-2 August 2009 at the OBRL Greensprings Center, located in the high-altitude forested region east of Ashland, Oregon.


August 1st. Saturday
Section I: Introduction to the Discoveries of Wilhelm Reich

  • Reich's discoveries on human sexuality - Tom DiFerdinando
  • The Mass Psychology of Fascism: Origins of Violence - speaker to be announced
  • Bions and Cancer Biopathy - Richard Blasband, MD
  • Discovery of the Orgone Energy and Accumulator - speaker to be announced
  • Orgone Physics & Oranur Experiment - James DeMeo
  • Atmospheric Orgone Energy, and Cloudbusting - James DeMeo, PhD and Roberto Maglione MSC, BPharm
  • Reichs Last Years - The FDA Assault, Contact with Space - speaker to be announced
  • VIDEO: Man's Right to Know (produced by Kevin Hinchey)

August 2nd, Sunday
Section II: New Research in Orgonomy
(Additional Presentations Forthcoming, to be announced soon)

  • On the Effect of a Cosmic Energy on Chemical Systems - Roberto Maglione, MSc, BPharm. (Italy) and Diego Serena, BPharm (Italy)
  • Research Progress Report: Thermal Anomaly in the Orgone Accumulator, and Orgone-Charged Radiation Detectors - James DeMeo
  • Saharasia Since 1900: Contemporary Demographic Data on Sexuality, Child-Treatment, Women's Status and Social Freedoms Matches the Cross-Cultural Data, with a note on Modern Islamic Empire and Terrorism - James DeMeo
  • Mass-free Energy and Paranormal Phenomena - Richard Blasband, MD
  • CORE Report, 2008: Analysis of a Small-Scale, Experimental Cloudbusting Operation to End the Drought in the Southeast USA - Tom DiFerdinando
  • Acute Armor and the Facade: An Orgone-Energetic Investigation into Psychological Tension - Tom DiFerdinando
  • Personal Experiences with the Orgone Energy Accumulator and Reich Blood Test in a Clinical Practice - Armando Vecchietti (Italy)
  • Ending Round-Table Discussion, all speakers with audience participation

Pre-Conference, July 31st, Friday Evening Open House and Social
6:00 PM - 9:00 PM Stop by for an informal chat, snack and visit.

  • Conference Day I: Aug.1st, Saturday

    10:00 AM - 5:30 PM: Research Papers

    Anthropology, Cross-Cultural Research,
    Biophysical Armoring and Orgone Therapy issues
    The orgone energy accumulator
    The Reich Blood test in clinical practice.
    PLUS: Demonstration of Orgone Energy Apparatus

    8:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Evening Events: VIDEO Man's Right to Know.
    Also: Visits to the Orgone Energy Darkroom and Observatory

    Day II: Aug.2nd, Sunday

    10:00 AM - 6:30 PM: Research Papers

    Mass-Free Cosmic Energy and the Paranormal
    Cosmic Energy Influences Upon Chemical Systems
    Reich's Orgone Accumulator Temperature and Radiation Anomalies
    Cloudbusting Research
    Wilhelm Reich and the UFO Question
    Round-Table Discussion
    PLUS: Demonstration of Orgone Energy Apparatus
    8:00 PM - 9:00 PM - Evening Events: VIDEO It Can Be Done
    Also: Visits to the Orgone Energy Darkroom and Observatory

    9:00 AM - 7:00 PM

    See the Conference website for details.
    Now is a good time to register!

    Fees: $90 for the full Conference. Registered students & children under 18 half-price, under the age of 8 free. Babies in arms welcome.  Make your payment on-line, or by post, e-mail or telephone. Registration is confirmed by full payment in advance. Late registration or at-the-door accepted only if places are still available.  Let us know now if you plan to attend, but pay later on, and we can tentatively hold a spot for you.

    On-Line Registration: Click here to Register On-Line by Visa, Mastercard or PayPal.  You can also provide your credit card information using the Printable Registration Form, and then fax or mail that to us.

    Registration by Check or Money Order:  Use the Printable Registration Form and send by postal mails.

    Lodging & Food: Available at local holiday accommodations in or close to Ashland.  You must make your own arrangements for a place to stay at one of the nearby Inns or Motels, or down in Ashland. For local lodging see here:

    Language: All presentations will be in English.  OBRL will make videos of the conference for archive.  Private recording or videotaping is not permitted.

    Please contact OBRL with your plans for attending the New Research in Orgonomy Conference, at info(at)orgonelab.org
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