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Space-Time View of Special Relativity

Dates: 2007-08-08 - 2007-08-19 9.9 (1 decade 6 years ago)

Where: Yanshan, China Venue:


Resume the order, promote and develop the Newton's Space-Time View.

Resolution of 2007 Seminar on Space-time View of the Special Relativity

2007 Seminar on Space-time View of the Special Relativity was held in Yanshan University, China, from Aug 8 to 19, 2007. Careful study, intercommunion and discussion were carried out among the attending (Table 1) and absenting (table 2) scholars, and the agreed resolution is followed.

  1. Materialism guides the physics study. In physics study, materialism should be insisted; mentalism and mythicism should be abolished. Phenomena and laws observed and confirmed are taken into the scope of science. Prediction and assumption based on the existing phenomena and laws, which are to be proved, should set in the scope of hypothesis. Science is true and affirmed. Hypothesis is uncertainty.
  2. Hold on the space, time, mass and energy view of materialism
    1. Space. Space is one form of the matter existence. It is independent of human consciousness. Space is continuous and infinite. It is tree-dimension and isotropy. Space can be marked with the help of isotropy reference system.
    2. Time. Time is one form of the matter existence. Time is continuation sequence of the moving object, and independent of human consciousness and it is eternal. Time is continuousness, one-way, lapse in constant rate, no beginning and ending. It can be signed with even clock system.
    3. Mass. Mass is one of the matter essential properties. Mass describes the amount of the matter. There is no matter with zero mass.
    4. Energy. Energy is the motion-state attribute of matter. The material energy has several kinds of existences forms. Under the certain condition, the material energy may transform mutually between the different forms, but the total energy is invariable.
    5. Relation of time and space. Time is time and space is space, they are both objective. Time is not a function of space and space is not a function of time. They are both fundamental elements of describing the material world, and can no longer change after being defined.
    6. Relation of energy and mass. The mass is mass and the energy is energy. They are both fundamental elements of describing matter, and cannot transform mutually.
    7. Mathematical space and physical space are different. In mathematics, a multi-dimensional variable may be described as existing in multi-dimensional space. In physics, we have one-dimensional space (line), two-dimensional space (surface) and three-dimensional spaces (body), but no higher dimensional space (not including time). The multi-dimensional space of mathematics cannot be transplanted directly to physics except if it is smaller than or equal to three dimensions, which correspond in mathematics and physics.
  3. Special Relativity is at fault. Constant speed of light assumption and Lorentz transformation in Special Relativity & its deductions are wrong. It ignored the relative motion between different coordinate systems, so it led to series of falsehood.
    Velocity of light is appeared as only velocity of sending signal and any special property of light is not used in the Special Relativity. If velocity of sound was defined as sending signal velocity, the absurdity conclusion that velocity of any object can not exceed that of sound would have come out.
  4. Observation issue of moving object to be solved by Newton space-time principle. Observation issue of moving object can be solved with the help of Newton space-time principle. Moving does not result in length change, time change and mass change. Relative velocity between two objects can exceeds light velocity. Special Relativity should be abandoned.

The result is the co-study of scholars attending (table 1) and absenting (table 2) the seminar.

Persons attending the seminar:

Table 1. Attending scholars of 2007 Seminar on Space-time View of the Special Relativity (ranked in Bopomofo)

 Name  Affiliation or Address  Job Title
 Cui Guowei  Health Society of Heilongjiang Province  Research Fellow
 Ding Yining  Wuhan Division, Auditing Administration of China  Chief Section Member
 Ji Hao  Shanghai Dongfang Electronic Wave Institute  Research Fellow
 Li Sanqing  Tianmen, Hubei, China  
 Li Zifeng  Yanshan University  Professor
 Liu Jiuming  Changchun University of Technology  Associate Professor
 Liu Yuequan  Farming & Agriculture Administration of Hengshan County, Hunan Province  
 Luo Jianzu  Telong Spinning Co, Changzhou  
 Qi Ji  Daqing Petroleum Institute  Lecture
 Ye Bo  Farm Machinery Institute of Xianning, Hubei Province  Senior Engineer
 Wei Enqing  Shanhaiguan Bridge Group Co., China Railway  
 Wu Tongchun  Safe Administration of Dengta, Liaoning Province  
 Zhang ChongAn  Coal Geology Co, Shanxi Province  Senior Engineer
 Zhang Yapeng  New Science and Technology, Hongkong  Editor

Table 2. Absenting scholars of 2007 Seminar on Space-time View of the Special Relativity (ranked in Bopomofo)

 Name  Affiliation or Address  Job Title
 Chen Cheng  The Second High school, Pingba, Guizhou  
 Dong Yinli  Anyang, Henan  CPA
 Fu Lihua  Research Center of China National Offshore Oil Corporation  Senior Engineer
 Gong Yiqun  Jiujiasi Tecnology Limited Co.  Engineer
 Huang Qide  Ningxiang, Hunan  
 Li Yunfeng  Population and Birth Control Bureau of Zijin Conty, Guangdong  
 Liang Xianjin  Heze, Shandong  Engineer
 Liu Zhenyu  Longjing, Jilin  
 Lu Daoyuan  Wenzhou, Zhejiang  
 Meng Qingyong  Suzhou, Anhui  Senior Engineer
 Pu Qingsong  Shanghai  
 Tong Zhengrong  Atat??rk Cad. Beycan Mag. No.16 Girne KKTC Mersin-10 Turkey  
 Tu Runsheng  Huanggang, Hubei  Engineer
 Wang Zhihai  Jinghua High School, Beijing  Senior Teacher
 Xiong Yudan  Chongqiang  Senior Engineer
 Yang Shijia  Jinchang Normal School, Gansu  
 Zhu Yazong  National University of Defense Technology  Professor