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International Congress 2006: Fundamental Problems of Natural Sciences and Engineering

Dates: 2006-08-07 - 2006-08-11 9.9 (1 decade 5 years ago)

Where: Saint-Petersburg, Russia Venue:


AKA 9th International Scientific Conference on Space, Time, Gravitation

In spite of the technical progress reached in the twentieth century, it is necessary to recognize, that in such a fundamental area of researches as physics there has been stated an inadmissible position. Universal domination by the logically absurd and experimentally unconfirmed special and general relativity theory takes place (in the presence of direct financial state support). There is the requirement, proved by nothing, to coordinate all positions of physical theories with principles of the relativity theory. For an explanation of the phenomena, it is used the continuous heap of one ad hoc hypothesis (for a concrete special case) on other unchecked hypotheses. ?Plausible pseudo-scientific? corrections of calculations after ?peeping? behind the results of experiments cannot indefinitely continue without researchers? attention. Officials from science aspire to keep an information blockade around the works criticizing the relativity theory in every way: from a prohibition to publish such articles in academic journals, before direct withdrawal from institute libraries or a prohibition to supply the books and the proceedings containing criticisms of relativity theory. Can dogmatism in science can promote moral and technical progress of mankind? Is science able to develop without free discussion of various ideas, scientific methods and results among the professional scientists? Obviously, not! And especially blasphemously to drum the absurd, unchecked ideas of relativity theory (which is not even a subject for discussion!) into ?young inexperienced souls? during their education at school and high schools (unscrupulously using the necessity for trainees to receive good marks). A similar state of affairs in science can hardly satisfy people aspiring to a knowledge of truth. And a falling of the general educational level should to not disturb conceiving people.

The basic purposes of the given Address:

  • to assemble a group of adherents (as among actively working scientists and people with physical education, and among all interested researchers) which see existing deficiencies of the relativity theory and consider, that the developed attitudes in science should be changed to the best;
  • to increase opportunities for discussion of ideas and for an exchange of the objective information between interested experts, concerning published works, executed experiments, past conferences, opportunities for publication of works, financing, etc.;
  • to make the information support of the International Scientific Conference "Space, Time, Gravitation" (St.-Petersburg). It is planned to operatively present current information about the Conference on the given site.
  • It is the Program-minimum. Probably, in the further it will be possible to develop and carry out joint research projects, to publish a reviewed journal, etc.
  • What are prospective base principles of association?

It is the recognition of the fact that without the free discussion of ideas, methods and results science cannot fruitfully develop;

It is a consensus that internally inconsistent theories (such as the relativity theory) cannot be base in science, technology and education.