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Greg Volk
39 Questionable Assumptions in Modern Physics, Part 2

Date: 2009-03-21 Time: 08:00 - 10:00 US/Pacific (1 decade 4 years ago)
America/Los Angeles: 2009-03-21 08:00 (DST)
America/New York: 2009-03-21 11:00 (DST)
America/Sao Paulo: 2009-03-21 12:00
Europe/London: 2009-03-21 15:00
Asia/Colombo: 2009-03-21 20:30
Australia/Sydney: 2009-03-22 02:00 (DST)

Where: Online Video Conference
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Richard Moody
vortex theory
1 decade 4 years ago [2009-03-17 18:11:13]

Russell Moon a while back came up with what he called the vortex theory. Any similarity to what you are talking about? Also Frank Meno talked about gyrons, particles on the size of 1X10 to the negative 80th.



Richard Moody Jr.