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Pages: 348
Publisher: Springer
Year: 1996
ISBN: 0792341562
ISBN: 978-0792341567

Surge Tectonics: A New Hypothesis of Global Geodynamics (Buy Now)

N. Christian Smoot
Dong R. Choi
This monograph presents an integrated view of the origin of continents, ocean basins, mountain belts and other tectonic features. It is shown that all tectonic belts originate through a single mechanism and that this mechanism can be described in terms of the laws of physics, especially Newton\'s three laws of motion, and their derivatives -- Pascal\'s law, Stokes\'s law, the Peach--Kohler force (a derivative of the law of gravity), Poiseuille\'s law, the Navier--Stokes equations and the Navier--Coulomb maximum stress theory. This book will be of interest to scientists and researchers in many disciplines, not just geology and geophysics, but also fluid mechanics and related fields. The targeted audience includes advanced geology and geophysics majors, graduate students at all levels and all persons involved in structural geology, tectonics, igneous geochemistry and mineral exploration.