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Pages: 240
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2007
ISBN: 0415701740
ISBN: 978-0415701747

Einstein, Relativity and Absolute Simultaneity (Buy Now)

William Lane Craig
Quentin Smith

Einstein, Relativity and Absolute Simultaneity is an anthology of original essays by an international team of leading philosophers and physicists who, on the centenary of Albert Einstein?s Special Theory of Relativity, come together in this volume to reassess the contemporary paradigm of the relativistic concept of time. A great deal has changed since 1905 when Einstein proposed his Special Theory of Relativity, and this book offers a fresh reassessment of Special Relativity?s relativistic concept of time in terms of epistemology, metaphysics and physics. There is no other book like this available; hence philosophers and scientists across the world will welcome its publication.


  • Introduction 1
  •   1 William Lane Craig: The Metaphysics of Special Relativity: Three Views 11
  •   2 Craig Callender: Finding \"Real\" Time in Quantum Mechanics 50
  •   3 Quentin Smith: A Radical Rethinking of Quantum Gravity: Rejecting Einstein\'s Relativity and Unifying Bohmian Quantum Mechanics With a Bell-neo-Lorentzian Absolute Time, Space and Gravity 73
  •   4 Antony Valentini: Hidden Variables and the Large-Scale Structure of Space-Time 125
  •   5 Tim Maudlin: Non-Local Correlartions in Quantum Theory: How the Trick Might be Done 156
  •   6 Franco Selleri: The Zero Acceleration Discontinuity and Absolute Simultaneity 180
  •   7 Tom Van Flandern: Global Positioning System and the Twins\' Paradox 212
  •   8 Michael Tooley: A Defense of Absolute Simultaneity 229
  •   9 Richard Swinburne: Cosmic Simultaneity 244
  • 10 Thomas L. Crisp: Presentism, Eternalism and Relativity Physics 262
  • 11 John Lucas: The Special Theory and Absolute Simultaneity 279
  • Index 291