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Pages: 584
Publisher: Energoizdat / Energoatomisdat
Year: 1990/2003
ISBN: 5283032299

General Etherdynamics: Modelling of Material Structures and Fields on the Basis of the Notion of the Ether Resembling a Gaseous Entity
KeyWords: Ether, Toroidal Ring

Vladimir A. Aszukovsky

In Russian: ??????????????? ??????????

On the basis of the notion of ether as a real viscous and compressible gas there is given an etherdynamical interpretation of the basic material structures as well as the mechanisms of physical field interactions. Models of basic stable elementary particles, such as proton, neutron, electron, photon and also of atomic nuclei, atomic shells and some molecules are considered in detail. The etherdynamical basis of the mechanisms of strong and weak nuclear as well as electromagnetic and gravitational interactions is worked out. The etherdynamical interpretation of basic equations of quantum mechanics is given. The equations of electromagnetic and gravitational fields are made precise. The model of a stationary dynamic cosmos is worked out.

With 28 tables, 151 illustrations, 517 references.