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Pages: 400
Publisher: Laurel Book / Touchstone
Year: 1981/2001
ISBN: 0743215362
ISBN: 978-0743215367
ISBN: 044039077X

Tesla: Man Out of Time (Buy Now)
KeyWords: Tesla, Biography

Margaret Cheney
The best biography written on one of the most amazing men of the 20th century, or perhaps of all-time.

Nikola Tesla was one of the world\'s greatest inventors, and definitely its most mysterious. To say that Telsa was ahead of his time is putting it rather mildly. Most of his inventions were so advanced that the public had a difficult time grasping just how important they really were.

Although Marconi is often credited with the invention of radio, the real credit goes entirely to Tesla. A long-running battle between the two ended when American courts essentially invalidated Marconi\'s radio patent, and awarded credit for the invention to Nikola Telsla.

In addition to radio, Tesla also invented Alternating Current (AC), which is the form of electricity used to deliver power to most homes and businesses on earth. He also patented hundreds of other inventions, many of which are in use today. Others are yet to be understood by modern scientists.

Probably just as fascinating as Tesla\'s inventions was Telsa himself though. He was the original, real-life \"mad scientist\", and often discussed his invention of the \"death ray\" with the popular press. The world has never seen an inventor the likes of Nikola Tesla, and may never see one again. This book is a fascinating look at an amazing individual. - William Hefner, Amazon