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Publisher: Integrity Research Institute / Amazon Digital Services
Year: 2002

Bush-Cheney Energy Study: Analysis of the National Energy Policy (Buy Now)

Thomas F. Valone
This Study is a comprehensive assessment of the cumulative public impact of the National Energy Policy (NEP) and the general reaction to it. It surveys reports from government, organizations, media, and industry to obtain an across-the-board sampling of NEP-related feedback. The pages where corresponding information is contained on the subject are parenthetically indicated. In order of priority, the major findings regarding public reaction to the NEP indicate: 1) The NEP relies upon ?has-been? energy technology that hampers rather than helps the U.S. economy. No new solutions, except the supply-side drilling in the pristine ANWR, a study of renewables and the grid, along with an impossible schedule of erecting 2 new power plants per week, is generally viewed as a desperate act of the ?has-been? NEP (p. 30). (#2 - #5 of the Executive Summary are contained in the first few pages of the Study)