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Pages: 261
Publisher: Chukanov Quantum Energy
Year: 2005
ISBN: 0966526120

Unveiled Secrets of Primary Substance (General Quantum Mechanics, Vol. 3)

Kiril B. Chukanov

Matter is one of the most basic substances in the world. Our universe is a universe of matter; our human bodies are built up out of matter. All material objects in the universe exist in a framework provided by Space and Time. Space and Time are basic features of matter only...

Not one contemporary accepted physical theory covers more than a small fraction of the total field of the fundamental physics. The present-day structure of physical thought is made up of a host of separate theoretical models, loosely related, and at many points actually conflicting.

All classical theories are mostly phenomenological theories. Such theories describe and summarize experimental facts in some field of physics. These theories do not explain the fundamental reasons of existing of the considered material objects and phenomena. Newton?s Law of Gravity is a good example of that, this is a formula based on observable facts, which tie together the parameters responsible for the strength of the gravity force. Newton?s ?Gravity Law? is just a mathematical tool for the calculation of gravity force ? it doesn?t explain the nature of this force. Contemporary ?non-classical? theories are not much better. They are a combination of some quantum principles, phenomenological elements, and very complicated mathematical apparatus...

Philosophy is the soul of any fundamental physical theory, mathematics is the body. Contemporary officially accepted fundamental physical theories are dead theories ? they have no soul (philosophy).

Contemporary General Physical Science is in a ?Dead End? now ? it has exhausted its mathematical possibilities for explaining the new discovered phenomenon (which are located on the Edge of the Scientific Front), its reservoir of basic scientific dogmas desperately needs general reform and renovation.

I am aware that drastic changes in the existing state of knowledge about the general theory of the world (involving, as it does, official quantum mechanics, the theories of relativity, the theories of elementary particles, the standard model, the cosmological theories, etc.) will disturb or destroy the credibility of numerous scientific textbooks, careers, Nobel prizes along with other scientific awards, tenure at prestigious universities, and very expensive research programs being conducted by such entities as NASA, the U.S. Department of Energy, the U.S. Department of Defense, etc. For these reasons, there is a great deal of reflexive and emotional resistance to ideas, experiments, and practical applications that are as revolutionary and disruptive for contemporary official science as those I described in my books, Final Quantum Revelation (FQR, 1994), General Quantum Mechanics (2001), and The Unveiled Secrets of Primary Substance (2005)...

Nuclear energy is over. Fossil fuel energy economy is over. Quantum free energy will become the future main source on our planet. Quantum free energy has no alternatives ? ZPE and other energy ?inventions? are just science fiction. The energy crisis now is a crisis of our civilization. National labs must switch their energy programs as soon as possible to quantum energy research and applications. If we wait too much longer other counties will take advantage in applying this last energy gift of God first. Americans, do you want some terrorist country or organization to destroy the life on your territory using Quantum Photonic Weapon of Mass Destruction? Don?t be so stubborn and stupid, start now with research and application of QFE. Reader of this book-revelation, can ask me the question ? is there an already created General Theory explaining the basic reasons of the existence of our world? My answer is decisively ?Yes? ? the General Theory of the World is already created and you have the opportunity to learn some of its parts published in this work.

I am not author of the Ultimate Fundamental Science, God is. My works are only the understandings of God?s words (given to me by revelation), and the labor of writing and publishing these holy messages. My works are also the honor to be the God?s earthly receiver of His last revelations and the suffering to bring them to whom they are intended for ? all human beings on earth.

Dear Reader, whatever you are - professional or laic- if you want to learn and understand the ultimate secrets of the world in which we live, secrets given to me by revelation from God, you must be willing to fight and overcome in yourself the demons of preconception, conceit, scientific pride, haughtiness, and envy, religious or national chauvinism. The science is given by God ?through the revelations given to the scientific prophets ? to all His children, human beings for practical use and satisfaction of one of the most important human features ? the inborn curiosity to reveal the secrets of the surrounding world and our own place in this world. If you are ready to do that, then go ahead. If you are still skeptical, then stop here and sorry for your lost time.

Dear convinced reader, try to penetrate in deep in this great theory, read it carefully several times, contact me if necessary, be patient, and finally you will be rewarded for your trust and tenacity? you will reach the Absolute Truth about our world given to us by God. Don?t keep this knowledge only for you, share it generously with other people, and spread the seeds of the Absolute Knowledge around the world. And let God bless you for your confidence and stoutness. - From the Introduction