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Pages: 67
Publisher: Matti Pitk?nen
Year: 2006

The Notion of Free Energy and Many-Sheeted Space-Time Concept
  • (Topology, Magnetic Fields, New Energy)
    I am Matti Juhani Pitk?nen, born in Kiuruvesi, Finland, a theoretical physicist. For the last 26 years Topological Geometrodynamics has been both the passion and mission of my life. TGD is a noble attempt to construct a theory of everything, not forgetting consciousness. I have four children, who have brought a lot of happiness to my life. I live in Hanko, a small seaside town in southern Finland. I love almost all kinds of music but if I had to give just one name I would have difficulties in deciding between Chopin and Beethoven.


    • Studies in physics, theoretical physics and mathematics in the University Helsinki, started 1970.
    • Candidate of philosophy in theoretical physics in 1977.
    • Licenciate of philosophy in theoretical physics in 1982.
    • Ph. D. in theoretical physics in 1982 (opponent professor Jouko Mickelson, Univ. of Jyv?skyl?) Thesis: \"Topological Geometrodynamics\".


    • Topological Geometrodynamics. Internal Report HU-TFT-IR-95-4 (Helsinki University), 1995/2004. Online book.
    • Topological Geometrodynamics and p-Adic Numbers. Internal Report HU-TFT-IR-95-5 (Helsinki University), 1995. Online book.
    • TGD Inspired Theory of Consciousness with Applications to Biosystems, 1998. Online book.
    • Genes, Memes, Qualia, and Semitrance, 2001. Online book.

    Dept. of Physics, University of Helsinki

    Websites http://blues.helsinki.fi/~matpitka/index.html & http://www.helsinki.fi/?matpitka inoperable as of 1/09.