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Pages: 67
Publisher: Matti Pitk?nen
Year: 2006

The Notion of Free Energy and Many-Sheeted Space-Time Concept

Matti J. Pitk?nen

In this chapter a general vision about new energy technologies provided by the new ontology forced by TGD is discussed, some evidence for the new ontology is considered, and models explaining some "free energy" anomalies are discussed. There are close connections to the basic mechanisms of energy metabolism in living matter in TGD Universe and one cannot avoid even reference to TGD inspired quantum theory of consciousness. The point is that so called time mirror mechanism de?nes a mechanism of remote metabolism as sucking of energy from remote energy storage, a mechanism of memory as communications with geometric past, and mechanism of intentional action initiating neural activity in geometric past. At the level of technology time mirror mechanism would de?ne a mechanism of energy transfer, communication, and remote quantum control.