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Pages: 292
Publisher: Benjamin Wesley
Year: 1987
ISBN: 3980094227

Progress in Space-Time Physics

Paul Wesley

Progress in Space-Time Physics is a collection of current research papers by the world?s foremost authorities in space-time physics. It has been called into existence in lieu of another international conference such as the one held in Genova, Italy in 1982 (See The Proceedings of the International Conference on Space-Time Absoluteness, East-West Publishing, Graz, Austria, 1982.)

A description of Silvertooth?s brilliant experiment and its repetition by Marinov measuring the absolute velocity of the solar system in the closed laboratory are presented here for the first time. It has often been claimed that such an experiment is impossible! Yet Silvertooth and Marinov have now succeeded where Michelson and Morley failed 100 years ago.

This book provides an excellent source of new ideas concerning some of the most fundamental outstanding questions in physics today. The authors show amazing vigor and audacity. They may not be right; but at least they recognize the problems and present new creative ideas to try to solve them.

The authorities do not agree with each other. The reader must decide himself who may be right and who may be wrong. In any case, the thoughts presented here are a fresh departure from the stultifying dogmas of the past.

This book belongs on the bookshelf of every physicist and anyone else seriously interested in basic questions about our physical universe and existence.