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Pages: 347
Publisher: Dedalo
Year: 2002
ISBN: 8822062515
ISBN: 978-8822062512

La Natura del Tempo: Propagazioni super-luminali, paradosso dei gemelli, teletrasporto (The Nature of Time) (Buy Now)

Franco Selleri
La Natura del Tempo, edited by F. Selleri, is a many authored book focussing on QM and Relativity paradoxes, suggesting solutions based on Statistical Mechanics, Ether as prefered reference system and superluminal signals.  It covers a broad spectrum of subjects from microphysics to Cosmology.  Each author developed a topic.  F. Selleri inspired the subjects, collected the contributions, and edited the book.  It is not related to any Conference, but represents a strong contributions to an alternative view of Modern Physics.  Due to its large sale, it should be translated into English.  Not an easy job at 350 pages. - Michele Barone