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Pages: 54
Publisher: Borderland Sciences / Adventures Unlimited Press
Year: 1986

Condensed Intro to Tesla Transformers (Buy Now)

Eric P. Dollard

While this one-of-a-kind book from 1986 is more of an engineering analysis of Tesla coil operation than a guide to their construction, it does provide the Tesla coil builder with some alternative views on the configuration of these devices. Written at a time when most coilers were focusing their attention on the "classic" Tesla coil design, the author recognizes the advantages to be gained by inclusion of a base-driven helical resonator or extra coil, and gives suggestions as to how oscillator performance may be optimized. The book closes out with a reprint of Fritz Lowenstein's 14 page paper titled CAPACITIES, presented in 1915 before The Institute of Radio Engineers.

An abstract of the theory and construction techniques of Tesla Transformers written by one of the most brilliant modern day researchers into High Frequency Electricity as pioneered by Tesla and Steinmetz. Contains the article CAPACITY by Fritz Lowenstein, assistant to Tesla in his research.