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Pages: 142
Publisher: Bharat Prakashan Mandir
Year: 1978
ISBN: B0007AZ68Y

Space Vortices of Energy and Matter (Buy Now)
KeyWords: new energy

Paramahamsa Tewari

In an effort to fathom deeper into the physical significance of fundamental properties of matter like mass, inertia, electric charge, and the very nature of the fundamental state of energy, in my earlier work, \"The Substantial Space and Void Nature of Elementary material Particles\", a new theory of space , energy , and matter was proposed. It was postulated that the absolute vacuum (space) is a fluid, massless, zero viscosity, incompressible medium in which material particles are created as vortices of the fluid space. The present book is further expansion on the same founding principles. It covers my further research on evolution and motion of galaxies, nature of magnetic field, eklectric current, light, electron theory of matter, interrelation between light and gravity, and fallacy of Einstein\'s ideas on space and time. 

To determine the nature of space and energy, which can evolve and maintain the universal matter and its associated fields, so that \'why\' and \'how\' of the fundamental properties of matter (as exhibitted) can be explained, is the main purpose of this work.


  1. The medium of space possesses non-material properties, and is the only medium with absolute properties in the universe.
  2. The fluid SS (substantial space ) medium can have steady flow at any velocity varying from zero up to a limiting velocity; pressurisaion / depressurisation effects are transmitted in SS at the same constant limiting speed.
  3. The SS medium (Primary medium) of the universe possesses inherent motion.