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Pages: 98
Publisher: Satyasaibaba
Year: 1977

The Substantial Space and Void Nature of Elementary Material Particles (Buy Now)

Paramahamsa Tewari

What is the expamse of the universe? What is the unit of measure that Nature uses in its cosmic design? Can the invisible universe of space be the real medium of substantiality and evolve fundamental matter and also the various fields and potentials as its own characteristic states?


  1. There is a finite volume of only one substance (substance does not signify matter) in the universe that constitutes the space and not the interior of fundamental material particles.
  2. The substantial space is continuous and hence incompressible, massless, superfluid with zero viscosity loss in motion that can flow upto a maximum speed c (propagation of light in space).
  3. The substantial space of the universe is in circulating motion with respect to the centre of the universe which is the only absolute point of reference, with maximum circulation at the universal centre and minimum at the universal periphery.