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Pages: 136
Publisher: Crest Publishing House
Year: 1983/1996/2007
ISBN: 8124201137
ISBN: 978-8124201138

Physics of Free Power Generation (Beyond Matter) (Buy Now)

Paramahamsa Tewari

Preface to the Second Edition

This work (1983) is the fourth in a series, preceded by The Substantial Space and Void Nature of Elementary Particles (1977), Space Vortices of Energy and Matter (1978), and The Origin of Electron\'s Mass, Charge, Gravitational and Electromagnetic Field from \'Empty\' Space (1982).  The basic idea, of constructing the universe of matter and the medium of space with a single mobile entitiy (Fluid substance), was first formulated as a hypothesis in my work (1977), which was further developed in other works, referred above, without any change in either the basic postulates or the main framework of the hypothesis, though the mathematical analysis underwent constant improvements in the subsequent works.  For the mathematical clarity, the reader may refer to this work, Beyond Matter, whaereas, for the progressive development of the ideas of spatial reality going through the earlier works too will be useful, specially, for the qualitative aspects of the generation of the fundamental phenomena of mass, inertia and charge.

The experimental proof of the hypothesis of the subsantiality of space has been subsequently obtained through the numerous experiments on the new phenomenon of \"space power generation\", that are discussed and reported elsewhere.  The positive results of these experiments had given me the added conviction to name the earlier hypothesis as \"Space Vortex Theory\", abbreviated as SVT.

There is hardly any deviation from the earlier theme.  The nature of space and elementary particle of matter, conceived by me about two decades ago, remain unaltered even today.