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Pages: 178
Publisher: Tesla Book Company
Year: 1991
ISBN: 0914119079
ISBN: 978-0914119074

Gravitobiology: A New Biophysics (Buy Now)
KeyWords: gravity

Tom Bearden

Bearden does an excellent job of describing scalar technology at least the theory aspect. This book is written in the attempt to bring scientists and EE closer to the truth on what is missing in physics to unify the three fields: QM,GR,EM (what Einstein was trying to do but failed to achieve Bearden explains why). I would recommend this to everyone but only those who are truly interested in physics, Tesla, Einstein, & perhaps technology would find this work to be of much helpful knowledge. For myself personally, Bearden has showed me the path that no one has done before. For myself coming from a Tesla background Bearden goes a step further and describes how physics was side tracked and how to get back on the right track through the many many references that is cited, all coming from a man that devoted his life for science. This book is a must for the pioneer in physics. -- Shane M Gillespie, amazon