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Pages: 76
Publisher: scribd.com

N and Omega

Sam Micheal

This book is intended for a general audience interested in science, physics, or unification physics. It is intended to be readable and enjoyable. The author frequently makes fun of science, physics, and himself ? so please read with an open mind!

About the author:

SG Micheal was formally educated in statistics, psychology, and systems science at Michigan State University. He also has graduate level education in nuclear, mechanical, and electrical engineering from various other institutions. He has written several books on physics and systems.

About the theory:

This theory has been developing for about twenty-five years in fits-and-starts. It has matured to a point in need ? to reach a broader audience. It is not sophisticated mathematically but based on an engineering perspective ? with elements rooted in established and accepted engineering principles.

About the title:

N is for Newton, the SI unit of force; ? is for ohm, the SI unit of resistance. Z0, the impedance of space, has units in ohms; Y0, the elasticity of space, has units in newtons. Other than dimensionality, these are the only two qualities of space-time.